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Local security industry lacks experience

One of the big challenges in the South African security industry is the lack of comptence and expertise. PETER BOUWER, general manager of special projects at Mustek shares his views on the local security market, with particlular reference to the CCTV sectors.

The big challenge within the South African security and innovations space today is the lack of competent expertise available in the market. Simply put, there are not enough trained people to do the design, installation and system audit work, which security projects require.

1) What does the year ahead look like in technology in the CCTV and access control sector?

This market is still very much in its growth phase, where it is now starting to lean toward demanding more professional integrated products providing great potential for players that are able to provide integrated security offerings.

2) Is there a particular technology in this space which you believe will take off this year?

The technologies that are now moving toward the front are fully integrated solutions offered at reasonable prices. There is a preference toward biometrics (facial recognition/ matching security technology) that we believe will make significant headway during the year.

3) What do you see as the most exciting opportunities in the CCTV and access control space at present?

Fully integrated solutions, including access control, CCTV, Analytics, and Time and Attendance technologies with fully functional biometric capabilities included.

4) Which industries/ sectors do you believe require CCTV and access control technologies most?

We see security needs arising mostly from large corporates and Government organisations.

5) What are the key hurdles/ challenges facing this market?

There is a large shortage of skills, both on the user and supplier sides. Mustek is building a model that will address these issues. Mustek’s incubation solution consists of all the required business and technical modules, that once completed will ensure the production of a skills pool that is desperately needed in this market.

6) How do you see South Africa performing in this sector in relation to the broader African context?

Africa is far more active than South Africa. South Africa is lagging behind in implementing state of the art security solutions.

7) What are your top tips/ advice to security experts in our country for the year ahead?

 Align yourself with professional technology providers/partners who will add value and services if and when needed.

 The local security market is no longer dictated to by the Bakkie Brigade (small independent operators that specialise in only one security aspect, i.e. access control or CCTV). There are now a range of credible professional technology partners around.

 You need a solution that captures evidence, not just footage.

 Along with all of this you need to have access to certified competent skills that are PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) approved and certified.


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