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App teams Telmap with Mobilitrix

Telmap and Mobilitrix have created an app enabling Telmap Navigator users to search for nearby coupons and vouchers, navigate to them and redeem them.

This integration is available for Telmap Navigator users across iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms. Collaborating with Mobilitrix further supports Telmap’s legacy of providing users with relevant, useful and fun information while on-the-go.

Mobilitrix, founded in Cape Town, delivers intelligent mobile loyalty solutions in the form of coupons & vouchers that reward users through incentivized deals. This compelling value proposition is now enriched by way of seamless integration into Telmap Navigator, thereby prompting a call-to-action via first-class navigation to the point of sale of relevant retailers. Each offer in Telmap Navigator provides details about the deal, retailer details and the availability of the deal. Offering location-relevant deals and literally driving consumers to retail locations provides added value to the consumer, distribution to the aggregator and footfall to the retailer: a compelling case for all stakeholders.

‚”Continuously adding value to our users is at the top of our list and this recent collaboration with Mobilitrix certainly does that for users of Telmap Navigator in South Africa by offering coupons and vouchers all baked into our app ‚” Gilad Goldshtein, South Africa Country Manager | Telmap

‚”The ability to reach consumers though smart location based deals as they navigate around the roads of South Africa is an exciting development. Working with Telmap shows how mobility, intelligent targeting of mobile rewards has now moved to a whole new phase. These are exciting times for the mobile consumer and for retailers and brands‚”. Chris Rolfe, CEO | Mobilitrix

Download Telmap Navigator S. Africa | Android

Download Telmap Navigator S. Africa | iOS

Download Telmap Navigator S. Africa | BB Devices


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