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LG unveils world’s first curved TV

LG has unveiled the world’s first curved OLED (organic Light-Emitting Diode) television on South African soil at a launch held at Montecasino in Johannesburg.

The company also launched at the event was the extended lineup of its ULTRA HD models with the 65inch and 55inch televisions (model 65LA9700 & 55LA9650) being unveiled.

World’s First: LG CURVED OLED TV

First showcased at CES 2013 and already available in South Korea, US and Germany, LG’s groundbreaking curved OLED TV marks the beginning of a whole new era in home entertainment. Its IMAX-like curvature guarantees an amazingly immersive and comfortable viewing experience and thanks to LG’s WRGB OLED technology, the 55EA9800 features infinite contrast ratio with deeper blacks and brighter whites than a conventional RGB display. Furthermore, the screen delivers incredible color accuracy regardless of ambient light or viewing angle.

Only 4.3mm thin and weighing just 17kg, the curved OLED TV is simply stunning to behold. The breathtaking, modern design of the 55EA9800 features the flowing, almost transparent Crystal Stand. LG’s forward-facing Clear Speakers are unobtrusively incorporated into the Crystal Stand to deliver flawless audio with remarkable fidelity in the mid- to high-frequency ranges Sharpest Picture Quality: ULTRA HD TV

Following the introduction of the world’s first 84inch ULTRA HD TV at the end of 2012, LG is now unveiling the more affordable 65inch LA9700 and 55inch LA9650 ULTRA HD televisions.

LG ULTRA HD TVs deliver a strong combination of astonishing picture quality ‚Äî four times the resolution of Full HD TV ‚Äî and stunning sound. Both the LA9650 and LA9700 series feature a built-in HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) decoder, which can play Ultra HD content directly from a USB flash drive, an industry first. Thanks to LG’s Tru-ULTRA HD Engine, these TVs can upscale any type of content to near Ultra HDquality to deliver incredible Ultra HD picture quality with a 178-degree viewing angle and sharp, blur-free images. The LA9700 series goes a step further with NANO FULL LED backlighting for improved contrast, brightness and colour consistency.

What’s more, the LA9700 unit is equipped with a 4.1 channel, 50W audio system with forward-facing Sliding Speaker. This cleverly concealed sound bar boasts four forward-facing speakers, which deliver room-filling audio with excellent expression across the mid and high frequency ranges. Located behind the screen, a powerful subwoofer ensures strong bass performance as well. The elegant, decor-enhancing Sliding Speaker can be programmed to remain permanently hidden or permanently extended. Alternatively, it can be set to silently slide out when the TV is turned on, and retract when powered off.

LG’s ULTRA HD TVs are the embodiment of stylish yet functional modern design. The new models offer the subtle aesthetics and narrow bezels of LG’s CINEMA SCREEN Design, serving to heighten the viewer’s sense of immersion. An unobtrusive chrome finish stand completes the minimalist appearance of LG’s next generation TVs.

Desirably Smart TV

Both the LG CURVED OLED TV and 65‚”/55‚” ULTRA HD TV’s boasts LG’s Smart TV platform offering an incredible user-friendly design and access to a growing collection of apps and content services from all over the globe. Meanwhile, the Magic Remote provides natural language recognition, point, wheel, and gesture control options, making it easy to navigate menus, search for content or play entertaining game apps. In addition, both the CURVED OLED TV and ULTRA HD TV boast excellent wireless connectivity options, such as WiDi and Miracast for convenient screen mirroring, and LG’s NFC-based Tag On for convenient device pairing.

Ultimate 3D Viewing experience

Thanks to razor-sharp OLED and ULTRA HD screen resolution, LG’s CURVED OLED TV and 55 and 65inch ULTRA HD models produce the most stunning 3D images. Additionally, the company’s FPR 3D technology provides a crosstalk-free 3D viewing experience that enables the user to wear comfortable, lightweight glasses.

These new models will be made available at selected premium retailers across South

Africa, with the LG Curved OLED television (55EA9800) having a suggested retail price of R200,000, while the two new ULTRA HD models suggested retail price being R85,000 for the 65inch (65LA9700) and R60,000 for the 55inch (55LA9650) models.


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