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LG launches TV Cloud in SA

LG has launched its own Cloud service in South Africa which is now available on LG Smart World and which enables users to stream content directly to their Cinema 3D Smart TVs.

The service which was first launched in the United States, South Korea and Russia last year, will roll-out the TV-centric service in more than 40 countries including Europe, Asia, Central Asia and Latin America regions by the end of the month. LG Cloud enables users to stream content directly to LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs as well as providing a convenient location to store entertainment content that automatically synchronises between PCs, smartphones and TVs.

‚”LG Cloud eliminates the process of having to download or manually transfer content between devices,‚” said Richard Choi, senior vice president of the Smart Business Center at LG Electronics ‚”Today’s consumers are no longer loyal to only one type of screen. They move seamlessly from TVs to PCs to smartphones and it’s up to us to help them get the content they want whenever and wherever they want it. LG is one of very few companies that can offer integration across so many display products.‚”

The LG Cloud app offers access to videos, photos and music once it is uploaded to the user’s account. Available on Google Play or the LG Smart World store, the easy-to-install app is compatible with LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs, PCs and Android smartphones. After a quick setup process, users can begin streaming up to 5GB of content for free directly to their Cinema 3D Smart TV without having to first download files to a storage device. Multimedia can be conveniently saved and streamed from LG Cloud, freeing up gigabytes of space on overloaded smartphones and PCs. Content can be uploaded to LG Cloud using the PC client, website or smart device. In the near future, smart home appliances will also be able to connect and share via LG Cloud for a truly integrated and convenient experience.

LG Cloud is also capable of transcoding and streaming multimedia content to mobile devices by N-Screen. It even has a resume play function for seamless viewing or listening across multiple products. Pause a video or song on a smartphone and LG Cloud will continue playback from that same point on an LG Smart TV. LG Cloud also makes it possible to view photo slideshows while simultaneously streaming music.

LG’s service allows members to store content in their own personal LG Cloud account. Signing in to an account on an LG Cinema 3D Smart TV is quick and easy thanks to the automatic Single Sign On (SSO) protocol, which is able to recognise both the user’s LG Smart TV ID and LG Cloud ID.


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