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Legion gets a pro makeover

Lenovo’s latest Legion gaming laptop, the Y530, pulls out all the stops to deliver a sleek looking computer at a lower price point, writes BRYAN TURNER



The matte-textured anti-glare screen is a little disappointing for a device from Lenovo. While it’s full HD, 4K resolution is quickly becoming the gaming standard and is sorely missed from an otherwise great laptop. The colours are also a little washed out because of the low contrast ratio.

We tested Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 1080p, with the built-in GTX 1060 using DirectX 12, setting the game to its highest preset graphics. The game’s built-in frame counter was used. The game peaked at 50 fps with an average frame rate of 43 fps with 10 minutes of gameplay. Gaming will be better with less graphically intensive settings. 

Other graphically intensive games ran fairly well, with Doom reaching around 75fps, running the game on the “Ultra” graphics setting. 

The processor is an 8th Generator Intel Core i7 CPU (8750-H), which provides snappy performance. We noted a start-up time from shutdown to desktop in 12 seconds. The dual-bay configuration is a huge plus for those wanting fast performance from the SSD and large storage space from a hard drive. Optionally, one could put two SSD drives into the case and utilise them in RAID for slightly better performance.

The keyboard was good for everyday typing and great for gaming on the go. It’s rare to find a good balance between work and play in keyboards. The Num pad asserts its presence in work tasks, and also in extra gaming functionality.

The trackpad is standard, and would not be of great concern to the average gamer who would probably use a mouse. 

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