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Kickstarter to start up Bluetooth androids

Reality Robotics has launched the Be The Robot (BERO) campaign on crowd funding site Kickstarter. BERO is smartphone companion that uses an Android open source app to wirelessly control the robot.

Depending on the BERO model, robots react to smartphone notifications and are fully programmable, customizable and voice activated. BERO is packed with up to six motors for realistic dance moves with head turns, arm waves, and side to side poses all while playing the user’s favorite music.

All 4‚” Google Bug Droid inspired BERO robots utilize a unique tank style caterpillar track design providing an unmatched range of motion. The USB recharged and onboard battery powered BERO has 2 LED lights for eyes and light up headphones flash to the beat of music. The onboard speaker and amplifier allow users play WAV audio files from an included SD card.

BERO utilizes two infrared transmitters for navigation which allow the robot to detect obstacles up to 3-5 inches to the left, right and front. Users can interact with BERO and have the robot interact back with the user for countless hours of enjoyment.

BERO is offering a number of different pledge levels including a limited (only 2 available) ‚”see how it’s made‚” package ($7,850) which includes a trip to Hong Kong for a firsthand look at how BERO is made. Contributors to this limited pledge offer will also receive a BERO factory tour, learn about top-secret future development plans and star in an exclusive BERO video.

Contributors can also choose from a number of other pledge options and BERO models including:

BERO is expected to be shipped in late November 2012 and will be releasing new updates such as iOS compatibility, Twitter enabling and MP3 player functionalities in the near future.


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