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Kaspersky to defend SharePoint

Kaspersky Lab has released Kaspersky Security for SharePoint Server, a new corporate solution designed to protect the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

Kaspersky Security for SharePoint Server offers effective security technology for customers who use Microsoft’s solution for collaborative work and file storage. In addition to its award-winning protection from malware, the new solution includes content filtering capabilities that enable efficient policy implementation for internal file storage. Administrators can easily deploy this solution over the entire SharePoint server farm and effectively manage it using the single-pane management console.

Effective Protection from Malware

The SharePoint collaboration platform allows companies to better communicate with third parties, such as vendors, contractors and partners. Commenting on such third party collaboration, Petr Merkulov, Chief Product Officer at Kaspersky Lab, said: ‚As this IT trend continues to blur the lines between insiders and outsiders ‚ especially on the collaboration front ‚ corporate IT security teams come across new security risks, but have little or no influence over what type of endpoint security their partners have. And there is a real risk that people could unintentionally post contaminated files.‚

Kaspersky Security for SharePoint Server effectively prevents the spread of malware across both the corporate collaboration platform and the file storage system using the latest anti-malware engine with frequent database updates. The anti-malware functionality of the solution provides real-time on-access scanning of uploaded and downloaded files and optional on-demand scanning of files stored on the SharePoint Server. Flexible scanning settings give system administrators the flexibility to define scanning areas, appropriate times, and even file types for extensive security checks.

Policy-Driven Filtering of Inappropriate Files

Kaspersky Security for SharePoint Server provides an effective way to adhere to corporate policy on this collaboration platform. The content filtering capabilities allow IT admin to set policy and block users’ attempts to store certain files – based on their file name, extension or content type. In addition, the content analysis utilises built-in, customisable dictionaries to further filter content. This enables companies to enforce corporate policies and prevent storing or sharing of content deemed inappropriate or that violates policy regardless of file type. The application includes customisable dictionaries in four languages. Customers can also create and maintain their own custom dictionaries.

Easy Management and Monitoring

One of the most outstanding features of Kaspersky Security for SharePoint Server is its ability to deploy and manage the security solution for all the SharePoint servers in the company. This ability significantly simplifies the security management of the SharePoint platform, and provides an efficient way to develop and enforce consistent security settings and policies for all protected servers. Kaspersky Security for SharePoint Server is managed using a single-pane dashboard with quick access to the current security status. Immediate notifications, flexible reports and detailed logs provide a way to immediately track and enforce action on policy violations and malware infection incidents. The solution from Kaspersky Lab provides a way for SharePoint administrators to keep track of all modified files, and provides roll-back possibilities in case of an incident.


Kaspersky Security for SharePoint Server is available immediately worldwide as part of Kaspersky Open Space Security, a corporate IT security platform developed by Kaspersky Lab, and Kaspersky Security for Collaboration product. More detailed information is available at:


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