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Citrix unzips new XenDesktop

Citrix has announced XenDesktop and AppDNA 6, a set of tools designed to accelerate enterprise-wide migrations to Windows 7 and giving enterprises an easy way to design, deploy and manage virtual desktops and applications in existing operations.
CitrixnSystems has announced a new release of its desktop virtualisationnsolution, Citrix XenDesktop. This new release fullynintegrates the personalisation technology acquired last year via Ringcube, asnwell as support for Microsoft System Center 2012. Citrix also announced thenrelease of CitrixnAppDNA 6 software for application migration management. XenDesktopnand AppDNA software provide a rich set of tools and methodologies tondramatically accelerate enterprise-wide migrations to Windows 7 and beyond,ngiving enterprises a seamless way to design, deploy and manage virtual desktopsnand applications in existing operations.
Thenexplosion of new applications, operating systems, devices and the people whonuse them is creating a myriad of problems for IT. They are left wondering hownthey will manage and support users in this rapidly changing environment. Innthis transition from the PC era to the cloud era, new technologies andnmethodologies are required to help make this transition as seamless asnpossible. By delivering desktops, applications and data as a cloud-like servicenwith XenDesktop, enterprises are able to quickly support existing and newnapplications, migrate to new operating systems and deliver corporate resourcesnto billions of new devices coming into the workplace.
Withnthe XenDesktop and AppDNA software, Citrix delivers the solutions andnmethodologies needed by enterprise customers who want to begin or acceleratentheir migration to Windows 7 and beyond, while gaining the mobility,nflexibility, and management benefits of desktop virtualisation. Newncapabilities and solutions provide:
· Personalisation UsersnDemand, Management and Cost Savings IT Requires – Consumerisation has given risento employees’ demands for anywhere, anytime access to corporate resources fromnany number of devices, including those that are employee-owned. XenDesktop withnPersonal vDisk technology gives these users the ability to have a personalisednvirtual desktop experience on a pooled desktop image. Personal apps, data andnsettings remain right where they left them each time they log on. This enablesnbroader enterprise-wide deployments of virtual desktops by storing a singlencopy of Windows centrally, and dynamically combining it with a personal vDisknfor each employee, enhancing user personalisation while reducing storage costsnand management complexity.
· Rapid Assessment andnMigration of Applications – The new Citrix AppDNA 6 software aligns withnthe Citrix Desktop Virtualisation Assessment tool included as part of the DesktopnTransformation Accelerator. This technology streamlines thendiscovery and usage requirements for existing applications and users and thennfeeds those apps into AppDNA software for deep compatibility analysis,nremediation, packaging and lifecycle management. This process significantlynreduces the time it takes to migrate users to new operating systems.
· Management of VirtualnDesktops – As virtual desktops deployments increase in number and scale, customersnare looking for an integrated management approach across their physical andnvirtual environments. With this new release, systems management integrationnbetween XenDesktop and Microsoft Systems Center 2012 makes the lifecyclenmanagement of both virtual and physical desktops a simple and seamlessnexperience for IT.
Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 and Citrix AppDNA 6 software are available now andncan be downloaded at

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