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With crime the way it is in South Africa, every person has his or her preference over a self defence weapon. Some prefer knives: some prefer stun guns and some prefer good old fashioned guns. Choosing which one is best suited for the job is mostly just a matter of preference. However, SEAN BACHER feels that the new JPX Jet Protector pepper gun takes preference out of the equation and substitutes it with versatility, easy of use, reliability and effectiveness.

When it comes to self defence, most people immediately start thinking of firearms. Although firearms are great self defence weapons, they do come with a few issues. Firstly, when carrying a concealed weapon, you always need to be sure of your surrounding ‚ and you will continually be aware of the weapon, always making sure it is concealed. Secondly, should you draw your firearm, you have to pull the trigger ‚ should you hesitate, it can be easily taken and used on you. It is at that point that you have made the decision to kill or gravely injure your attacker. The other problems come in with regards to the law. You have to have a safe in which to store the gun at all time, applying for a licence can take up to six years and the price of firearms is rather high.

The JPX Jet Projector’s magazine holds two cartridges.

However, there are and have for some time been cheaper alternatives. There are stun guns, pepper spray guns and even knives ‚ none of these requires a licence, but they all have one or more unique drawbacks. In some cases you have to be close to your assailant and in others you have to be 100% sure that the battery or gas has not run out ‚ thereby rendering the device useless.

There is however an alternative to all this, and it comes in the form of the JPX Jet Protector. This gun employs a similar operations method to that of a standard pepper gun, but with quite a few differences. Firstly, the JPX Jet Protector looks and acts very much like a real gun, it employs the use of a magazine, which contains two cartridges. Secondly, the pepper gas that is shot out through the round is oil-based, meaning it penetrates the skin and takes more than a quick shower to come off. Thirdly, the gas is housed in sealed shells ‚ similar to standard rounds you would use in a gun. The gas is only ejected once the trigger is pulled and the shell fired ‚ therefore ensuring there is no leakage or old cartridges that won’t fire. This is different from standard pepper guns as they use an aerosol type projection, which after time and temperature changes loses is pressure. Lastly, the gun is not lethal, does not require a licence and is as effective as shooting your victim with a live round.

The JPX Jet Protector claims to be perfect for women ‚ mainly due to its light weight. However, I feel that this device is perfect for anybody of all ages who requires some sort of protection. It is light, easily concealable and very easy to use. You won’t find yourself fiddling with springs, checking for safety switches or making sure it is properly oiled all the time. Simply slide the magazine onto the top of the gun until you feel the release catch snap and it is ready for action.

The JPX Jet Protector fires pepper its

How it works

As said before, once the gun is loaded it is ready to be used. There are no safety switches, all you have to do is point and click. If you are worried about your aim, just switch on the integrated laser sight and point the red dot at your target. The JPX Jet Protector lets you fire a single round in your attackers face, or if you want to make sure he or she is completely incapacitated you do have the option of double-tapping (the action of pulling the trigger in quick succession).

Once you pull the trigger, the firing pin hits the a piston, this then causes an internal explosion which in turn forces the solution out of the gun’s nozzle ‚ once again much the same as a bullet would be fired from a gun. According to the manufacturers of the JPX Jet Protector, this solution is fired at a speed of 45KM/h and can hit targets at a range of up to seven meters.

The JPX Jet Protector is available in two colours, orange and black. The unit with a laser sight will cost you R3 314 and the standard unit R2 490. Additional magazines retail for R390 each.

For more information on the JPX Jet Protector visit or contact Dave Sheer Guns on 011 640 5010.

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