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Identity theft protection



Security breaches lead to a downfall of productivity and put a huge strain on IT budgets. BlockMaster, a provider of secure USB devices has announced that it has partnered with CryptoCard to provide a two-factor authentication on SafeStick devices to try and curb identity theft.

BlockMaster ( a provider of manageable secure USB devices, has announces that partner, CryptoCard has integrated its BlackShield ID tokens with SafeStick, to provide two-factor authentication as a readily available extension of the SafeStick device and to offer complete protection against identity theft.

In addition, SafeConsole’s new Publisher feature will provide users with the ability to launch files and integrated applications from technology partners such as CryptoCard on-the-fly over the Internet directly onto the device, dramatically increasing the productivity of USB drives for enterprises and public sector organisations.

With a click of a button, administrators at organisations like the NHS who have purchased around 180,000 SafeStick drives are able to launch CryptoCard tokens onto their staff’s existing SafeSticks without ever collecting a drive. The end-user experience is seamless and the installation takes just minutes.

Anders Pettersson, Chief Security Officer at BlockMaster comments: ‚Security has often led to a downfall of productivity and to a strain on IT budgets. BlockMaster is here to change the face of security ‚ we believe the strongest protection should not mean a drop in productivity.

‚The integrated CryptoCard BlackShield ID tokens will provide customers with extended functionality to SafeStick at a cost-effective price point. This combination also demonstrates a great opportunity for our technology partners as users are demanding more protection from security threats in one easy-to-use device.‚

Publisher is available in the Enforce & Enable edition of SafeConsole and enables the secure and easy deployment of portable software and files. SafeConsole is unique in its capability to deploy new software and files onto drives in the field without any re-admittance needed. With SafeConsole the administrator is able to centrally deploy any portable virtualisation engine, portable antivirus software or file to the organisation’s SafeStick drives over an authenticated secure channel via the Internet.