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IS upgrades data centre capabilities

Internet Solutions (IS) has announced that the upgrade and expansion of its Bryanston campus has been completed, with Parklands due to be complete in mid October.

The investment made into these established data centres means they now have more space, increased capacity, improved cooling capabilities and better resilience, offering current and prospective customers a more efficient and cost effective cloud computing experience.

The updated data center in Bryanston went live in September, with an additional 700 m¬≤ added to the facility’s existing 2000 m¬≤ capacity. ‚The data center has 2n resilience on its power infrastructure, and is the most resilient data center we have built to date‚ , says Greg Montjoie, Executive of Cloud Business at IS.

The Bryanston data center now also boasts fibre to the rack. ‚This gives us a 10GB backbone in the data center right into the customer rack, which will give customers unprecedented speeds for extremely fast access into the cloud, and a better virtualised environment experience.‚ This new architecture will also offer unprecedented connectivity between data centers, making the provisioning of Gig speed inter-data center connectivity via an MPLS network easier than ever. ‚This will make more cost effective geographically diverse virtualised services a reality for our customers‚ , he says.

The upgraded IS Parklands data center goes live on 15th October, with 400 m¬≤ added to the existing 1000 m¬≤ capacity,. ‚The new infrastructure in Parklands offers the same configuration as Bryanston, with 2N power resilience. ‚What is unique about this upgrade is that, due to the way we have configured our uninterrupted power supply and generators, we are able to scale up and deploy another 1500 m¬≤ almost immediately.‚ According to Montjoie, IS are now also able to measure power load per cabinet in the upgraded data centers, offering detailed graphs and stats on rack power utilisation.

IS already owns 34% of the local hosting market and has continued to experience growing demand for cloud based services over the last 18 months. ‚With continued investment into local infrastructure by network operators, both terrestrial and wireless, we expect the demand to grow even further‚ , he continues. ‚ the hosting environments of most companies are getting smaller in their physical footprint due to virtualisation, which means they are also getting higher power densities. This means that data centers need more power, better cooling capabilities and scalability, which can be costly and complex, especially for internally managed data centers. At this cost it doesn’t make sense to revamp or scale up an internally managed data center that may only be running one or two racks. The bulk power supply we have secured and our cooling capabilities, which now include the ability to deploy in-row cooling at our Bryanston data center if required, allows us to push up density on demand.

‚And with the capacity IS currently has in the undersea cables that run up the East and West coasts we see this data centre expansion and upgrade as a key step to advancing our African strategy‚ , continues Montjoie. ‚With the managed and hosted services we can offer in our new data centres, African countries will be able to leapfrog their current technological capabilities, which has far reaching effects for their economies and local businesses. But whatever happens locally or in Africa, with these upgrades we currently have the space, power and capacity to facilitate any growth spurt in the market‚ , he concludes.

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