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IS, Incredible, offer uncapped ADSL

Internet Solutions (IS) and Incredible Connection have partnered to offer consumers and small businesses end-to-end ADSL solutions, available via signup in-store or from the website.

Known as Connection DSL powered by IS Ignite, the offering enables Incredible Connection customers to walk into a store, buy a router, signup for uncapped Internet and walk out connected. Throughout the process, customers are assisted and advised by expert consultants.

‚”The adoption of DSL in South Africa is growing rapidly as Telkom continues to drop pricing and upgrade existing infrastructure,‚” comments Herman Jansen Van Rensburg, GM of IS Ignite. ‚”The continued growth of mobile and smart devices in the home, combined with the cost and unpredictable nature of mobile data, as well as the rise in popularity of online and connected gaming are key drivers of DSL adoption. Consumers are looking for a high speed, low cost means to remain connected.‚”

Jansen Van Rensburg also explains that the partnership is of strategic importance as it significantly expands the company’s distribution network into the retail space. ‚”With over 70 Incredible Connection stores nationwide we have been able to reach more clients, and make the service more accessible to the public.‚”

Two uncapped product variants are available initially one designed for home use, while the other targets small businesses. There are also different line speeds available, with 1, 2, 4 and 10Mbps options.

‚”The home offering poses aggressive market pricing, while the business product includes a monthly allocation of 300MB of Wi-Fi data from AlwaysOn to enable greater mobility.‚”

The solution is available on a month-to-month basis, so customers are not obliged to enter into a long-term contract. ‚”Additionally, we are offering a limited numbers launch promotion where the first 1000 signups receive special pricing of R99.00 per month, which will make this the most affordable 2Mbps DSL offering in the country,‚” says Jansen Van Rensburg.

The Connection DSL Home Uncapped package offers four line speed options, which are bundled with DSL, mail, and fax-to-email.

1Mbps: R164.00

2Mbps: R194.00 (or R99.00 for the first 1000 customers)

4Mbps: R260.00

10Mbps: R499.00

The Connection DSL Business Uncapped package includes DSL, mail, fax-to-email, and Wi-Fi connectivity through all AlwaysOn hotspots.

1Mbps: R254.00

2Mbps: R354.00

4Mbps: R594.00

10Mbps: R894.00

To find out more about this offering, and stay informed of future connectivity product options that will become available through Incredible Connection, visit

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