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iPhone, iPod become cycle trainers


on, a sports technology company and creator of the iBike line of power metres, has announced the iBike Dash CC (Cycling Computer), a light-weight wireless bicycle computer system that turns any iPhone or iPod touch into your own personal fitness trainer.

The iBike Dash CC creates an entirely new category of interactive cycling devices, enhancing the cycling experience in a much more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before to help you finally keep that New Year’s resolution to get in shape!

The iBike Dash CC takes your biking from leisure to fitness, helping you quickly reach your goals by measuring your speed, power, heart rate, wind speed, time, trip, elevation, and calories to become healthier and fitter.

The iBike Dash CC includes a free iBike app available from the iTunes App Store at:, which features customisable tools, from simple speedometers to work-out programs. The app is displayed on the iPhone or iPod touch screen with high-resolution colour graphics and animation.

Intelligent biking is all about sustaining your energy, so that you have more than enough left for the last few miles. Forget the ‚no pain, no gain‚ myth, the iBike Dash CC tells you how hard is too hard. Riding within your boundaries is critical for safe training, and with the iBike Dash CC’s ‚HR Pacing Meter,‚ you can see at a glance whether your heart rate in the right zone. The HR Pacing Meter determines your fitness level with 5 Heart Rate Color Zones from 50% to 100%. These zones indicate the degree of difficulty you will experience when cycling in each zone at your fitness level: from Blue (very light) to Red (very hard). Each of the zones address different goals, from losing weight in the bottom zones to improving fitness in the middle zones, to maximizing performance in the top zones. After regular exercise, you’ll find you’re able to exercise more comfortably in the upper zones and for longer times in the lower zones.

iBike Dash CC also tells you when your cycling effort is optimal for burning fat: how many calories you’re using during the ride, on all rides this week or all rides this month: what speed and distance you’re traveling: and even where you are on your bike route. Also, iBike Dash CC can help you set some personal goals, measure your progress and allow you to adjust your performance as you enjoy your ride.