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Wireless broadband provider ‚ iBurst has announced that it is allowing its wireless users to surf as much as they want from midnight to 8am, starting at the beginning of April. Essentially this means that iBurst users are receiving uncapped data downloads during these times.

iBurst is to launch free Internet access between midnight and 8am to active iBurst Wireless customers during a three month trial to start tomorrow (1 April 2010).

The trial is open to both contract and month-to-month subscribers on all iBurst Wireless packages. Subscribers will be able to use the Internet freely between midnight and 8am, with all traffic being zero-rated and therefore not counting towards their monthly bandwidth allocation.

Having free Internet access at these late hours is extremely useful to people synchronising their online backups, doing large file transfers or for late-night surfing sessions.

This service is initially being introduced as a free trial to ensure that iBurst can ensure a good customer experience and to test market viability before officially launching it as a value added service, set for July this year.

‚We are always looking for ways to improve the affordability and accessibility of our broadband products,‚ says iBurst CEO, Jannie van Zyl. ‚This is a value add for people who are online late at night. With many users performing specific functions at this time, we felt there was an opportunity to reduce the cost of access even more for our customers and give them unmatched value in the wireless broadband space. Already the most cost effective wireless broadband provider, iBurst is working hard to deliver cheaper, better solutions to those who don¬πt have access to wireline systems.‚

The ‚After Hours’ free Internet service will give iBurst Wireless subscribers an uncapped experience after midnight to allow them to do batch uploads or downloads, backups, late night surfing or gaming sessions. This is the first of a number of initiatives from iBurst in the next three months that will see the broadband provider launching even more services to provide wireless Internet services at wireline-like pricing. In addition, exciting new wire-line services are on the cards.