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While there are many good strategy games currently available on the market, people will always have their personal, subjective preferences. STEVEN CHIABERTA believes he has found his leader of the PC pack in Impossible Creatures, one of the latest offerings from Microsoft’s games’ division.

It takes about the same amount of time to install as other games of this nature, and it is ready to use upon installation.

The way you operate and control the game is similar to that of other real time strategy games, such as Age of Empires or Age of Mythology. So, if you have played such games before, learning the controls of Impossible Creatures will be a breeze. If not, it may take you a while to figure out how everything works ‚ say, a few hours.

I was hooked after the first hour, and have been ever since. Anyone who enjoys this style of game should feel the same, and what more can you ask for? So yes, it delivers on its promise.

Yes and no. I really liked the whole idea behind the game ‚ the forbidden potential of genetics to create any and all type of creature. The possibilities are almost endless, as are the different capabilities of the creatures you create and fight against. However, the game does have its faults. Foremost among them are its slightly disappointing graphics, and its overt similarity in actual operation to other strategy games. Essentially, though, I think Impossible Creatures puts an original spin on this genre of PC game.

Like all games, price will vary according to where you buy it. To me, most games are overpriced and considering that fact, Impossible Creatures offers at least as much – if not more – value for money than other games of this type.

Impossible Creatures is available from most stockists of PC games nationwide. Visit for information on this and other PC games from Microsoft

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