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There are hundreds of sim games available on the market. Competition is fierce, and each product needs something special to survive. STEVEN CHIABERTA looks at Black and White, an ambitious sim game, and believes it is special enough to thrive…

You need an 8Mb 3D-hardware accelerator card with Direct3D support, and a DirectX 7.0a compliant soundcard. Once you have these, install the game and you’re a-for-away.

Yes. Unlike most games, the controls are easy to learn, so you will quickly get down to discovering all of its joys.

Pretty much. I think its biggest fault is the quality of the graphics. Strangely, the villagers and animals could have done with a bit more attention, yet the rest of the graphics are good, and the special effects are a treat. Overall, I think it’s an excellent game that delivers.

Yes! Besides your ever-evolving creature, there is so much that is original about this game. Trust me, you will never feel as though you’re playing an imitation of something else.

Depending on where you buy it, you can expect to pay from around R380-00 and up. That’s about what you’d expect, and it is an excellent game, so it is good value.

Black and White is available from most stockists of computer games nationwide. Visit for more information about Black and White

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