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Team Liquid partners with Illuvium

Illuvium has unveiled the early access release of its auto battler and overworld game after a three-year development journey.

Illuvium, a blockchain-based gaming platform, has collaborated with global esports powerhouse Team Liquid to explore the limits of its competitive player-versus-player Illuvium: Arena game mode.

The release introduces players to Illuvium’s auto battler and overworld games. The partnership will bring eight of Team Liquid’s elite streamers into the arena to showcase the new competitive mode, Illuvium: Arena. The streamers include Midbeast, SnoodyBoo, and Broxah, among others.

This partnership symbolises a leap for blockchain gaming, challenging the prevailing notion that such games fall short of the quality and appeal found in traditional AAA titles.

“We’ve been very impressed with the quality of Illuvium: Arena so far”, says founder and Co-CEO of Team Liquid Victor Goossens. “This is a unique project where both sides benefit from the other’s expertise, and we’re excited to start testing all that the game has to offer.”

Illuvium offers an interconnected gaming experience by blending three distinct genres into a single, cohesive universe. In Illuvium: Zero, players engage in an industrial city-building game to produce fuel, a critical resource for various activities in Illuvium: Overworld. This open-world adventure game, focused on creature capture, leads players to utilise their assets in Illuvium: Arena, where strategic skills are put to the test in a player-versus-player auto battler.

One can acquire limited-edition Team Liquid digital collectibles, Illuvitars, starting 12 December.

Co-founder and CEO of Illuvium Kieran Warwick says: “Our collaboration with Team Liquid is a significant milestone in demonstrating that blockchain games, including those with NFTs, can offer engaging and deep gameplay experiences on par with traditional games.”

The initial lineup of streamers will commence their broadcasts on 30 November, while the game will be accessible for download starting on 23 November, a week in advance.

*Visit Illuvium’s website here.

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