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MWC 2024: Huawei launches storage for AI era

The way is being paved for a data awakening, but there are major challenges in data infrastructure construction for AI.

At last week’s Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, Huawei rounded out its flood of announcements around artificial intelligence (AI) with three new storage innovations. 

Dr. Peter Zhou, president of Huawei’s IT product line, launched three solutions aimed at helping carriers worldwide build leading data infrastructure in the AI era: AI data lake, All-scenario data protection, and DCS full-stack data centre.

The rapid development of large AI models is unleashing the value of data assets and paving the way for an era of data awakening. However, there are two major challenges in data infrastructure construction in the AI era. 

First, to extract knowledge from data, independent and scattered data sources must be aggregated in AI data factories to mine value from the data. This sets high requirements for data mobility. Second, the average retention time of annotated AI data and model data is now more than three years, and some valuable data needs to be permanently stored.

Dr. Peter Zhou, President of Huawei IT Product Line.

To address these challenges, says Huawei, it has launched a series of innovative storage products and solutions to help carriers build leading data infrastructure in the AI era:

  • All-scenario data protection solution for data production, backup, and archiving that boosts the resilience of data assets: This solution uses two layers of collaborative deployment. The first layer is production-backup collaboration, backing massive numbers of small files up 90% faster than conventional solutions. It also supports real-time native-format data analytics. Then is the backup-archive collaboration. Its post-deduplication tiering feature reduces bandwidth consumption by 80%. Additionally, Huawei launched the OceanProtect E8000 and X9000 data backup appliance solutions and next-gen OceanStor Arctic magneto-electric storage solution that is designed for warm and cold data at the event. The magneto-electric storage solution is predicted to reduce TCO by 20% than tapes and power consumption by 90% than HDDs.
  • DCS full-stack data centre solution for helping carriers achieve higher IT service efficiency and agility: This full-stack solution, built on virtualisation and containers, covers data collection, storage, computing, management, and usage, delivering comprehensive infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS).

Dr. Zhou said that AI is prompting a data awakening, which is accelerating the data assetisation process. Huawei Data Storage will remain committed to providing storage solutions for all scenarios, to help carriers build leading data infrastructure in the AI era.

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