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Doctors diagnose remotely with Higo

Telemedicine device allows medical professionals to make an informed diagnosis from a distance.

The new AVA Higo telemedicine device from Guardian Eye puts a doctor at a user’s fingertips via Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It allows medical practitioners to provide accurate diagnoses over a distance, enhancing their ability to undertake patient care.

It comes with five exchangeable modules that include a derm hood, stethoscope, throat exam module, otoscope, and thermometer. It takes the data from the primary healthcare examination and records it, along with medical images and recordings, and records it to a patient portal that is then accessed and reviewed by a medical professional, assisting them in making an accurate diagnosis. 

“The main value of the Higo telehealth solution is that high-quality medical services can be offered to patients everywhere – the patient can enjoy the comfort and safety of remote consultations combined with the clinical quality of diagnosis provided by the physician remotely,” says Philip Choban, CEO of Telios Care.

“We purchased 200 units of Higo medical devices in 2022 and conducted Higo SaaS integration with our telehealth system to provide our customers with an innovative premium product – remote GP consultations based on high-quality medical data.

“With Higo we can offer our customers a new experience in remote GP consultations, and we plan to scale up our operations with Higo and purchase an additional 800 units so we can scale up our services in the Romanian market.”

Patients may find value in the cost-effectiveness of the examination, which varies depending on where the service is accessed. Using this service can potentially reduce the expenses and inconvenience of traveling to see a doctor, and paying for in-person visits. For practitioners, the solution allows them to provide consistent care within the growing realm of telemedicine.

Dr Jessica Jane Voerman, chief clinical officer of Care First, says: “As telemedicine becomes increasingly popular and relevant in South Africa, so does the use of adjunctive devices to aid in the assessment of patients remotely.

“The Higo device itself is simple and easy to use with only basic training needed, making it an excellent choice for the non-medically trained user.”

* Visit the Guardian Eye website here.

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