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Hi-tech headsets for sea rescue

Kathea, has donated twenty-five Jabra call centre headset units to the National Sea Rescue Institute’s (NSRI) call centre.

Kathea, has donated twenty-five Jabra GN 2000, high-end, call centre headset units to the National Sea Rescue Institute’s (NSRI) call centre. This donation was as a result of a recent onsite visit to the NSRI’s call centre in Cape Town, to assess this vital base of operations and the headsets that are currently in use. This visit shed light on a need for enhanced headset technologies that offer superior sound and call clarity and ergonomic benefits to users, to facilitate them in their fundraising.

The NSRI provides invaluable rescue services in South Africa and its call centre plays a pivotal roll in raising the funds required per annum to sustain the running of its 35 base stations around the country (32 coastal and 3 in land). In fact, the NSRI call centre makes on average 40 000 calls per month and the Jabra GN 2000s are therefore ideal for this kind of call centre environment, to maximise calling capacity.

According to Meriel Bartlett, Marketing Director for the NSRI, ‚Our call centre is a key component in our fundraising projects – and for some time now, we have recognised a need to replace or upgrade a number of the headset units that are in use. As a charity we are price sensitive and equipment for our rescue boats takes priority over our office needs‚ .

The GN 2000s ‚ headsets that boast a robust design for day-after-day durability and a noise-cancelling microphone ‚ were identified as an ideal solution based on NSRI’s needs. Additionally, not only are they easily integrated into the existing call centre requirements and communication platform but will also support future changes within this platform as these headsets are optimised for IP telephony or unified communications.

‚The volunteers and members of the NSRI save lives and do so with selfless valour and no expectation of reward or recognition‚ says Scott Corry, Business Unit Manager for Jabra at Kathea. ‚We take comfort in that we were able to provide this organisation with a solution that we hope will continue to assist the NSRI in doing what it does best, saving lives – today and in the future. Additionally, with this thought in mind, we will also be providing NSRI with a host of support and maintenance services, to ensure the prolonged life and functionality of these units.‚

‚This generous donation is most appreciated and we believe that these new headsets will ensure we perform our duties more efficiently,‚ concludes Bartlett.


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