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Heat map for big data

A new wave of applications leveraging real-time data to provide accurate insights into challenges and opportunities is making an entry to Intelligent Enterprise, says JULIE TREGURTHA, Head of Database & Data Management at SAP Africa.



The business world is undergoing a total transformation as new technologies enable the rapid processing and analysis of huge volumes of data in real-time, equipping business leaders with unprecedented insight into granular detail of every aspect of their business. A new wave of applications leveraging real-time data to provide accurate insights into challenges and opportunities is heralding the entry of the Intelligent Enterprise. But such changes do not come without significant challenges.

The escalating volume of data and the organisational complexity required to collect and store the data and then analyse it for insights that can deliver business value is forcing IT leaders to fundamentally rethink their data storage and database management strategies. As technologies such as IoT generate exponentially more data, IT leaders will have to transform their approach not only to how data is stored and managed right now but build strategies that can equip the enterprise with the agility to manage tomorrow’s challenges too.

The escalating challenge of data storage

Not too long ago, data scientists maintained that the volume of data would double every two years to reach 40 zettabytes – or 40 trillion gigabytes – by 2020. As the Internet of Things becomes increasingly pervasive, though, that figure has been revised to 44ZB, incorporating increasing volumes of non-text data such as video, graphics and other visual media.

A recent SAP study of more than 500 IT decision-makers around the world found that 74% of business leaders felt their data landscape is so complex that it limits their agility, with 86% saying they were not getting the most out of their data. When the billions of sensors connected to the Internet of Everything comes online (according to Gartner anything between 12 and 30 billion sensors will be active by 2020) the volume of data will increase exponentially, making it even more important to store data in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Compounding the problem is the typical enterprise’s reliance on a mix of older and next-generation data storage tools, ranging from high-end in-memory computing platforms to tapes and external hard drives. Without integrating these data sets into a cohesive core, the data residing in such environments holds little to no value to the business. And considering the sheer volume of data a modern enterprise generates, data storage strategies need to evolve quickly to enable IT leaders to deliver real-time value to the business using accurate insights gained from verified data.

Plotting big data on a temperature heat map

One measure enterprises may take in storing and managing data more effectively is to classify data according to its ‘temperature’, from hot to cold. Hot data is the most accessed and includes the likes of the latest sales data. According to studies, this type of data accounts for less than 20% of a typical enterprise’s stored data. Hot data needs to be accessed frequently and as such performs best when stored in-memory where it can be retrieved quickly.

Cold data is the remaining 80% of an enterprise’s data which is accessed less than 10% of the time. It’s not typically cost-effective to store this type of data in-memory, despite the falling cost of memory.

Enterprises wishing to allocate a temperature to different types of data to more effectively store and retrieve such data need to look at a form of dynamic storage hierarchy. While it’s important to have experienced and skilled database administrators driving the initial process of developing the data storage strategy, it is impossible for humans to determine the heat of data manually.

Here, a database management platform that can support different data management strategies can deliver the best value. SAP HANA enables advanced analytics running alongside high-speed transactions in real-time for hot data while also integrating with cold data solutions such as Hadoop as well as other external data storage solutions. In one IDC white paper, businesses using SAP HANA realised a five-year ROI of 575% while enabling 40% higher productivity and 29% more efficient database management.


Funko Fortnite hits SA

Funko has come on board to bring South African players the collectables of their favourite Fortnite avatars.



Fortnite phenomenon in the world of gaming and the Battle Royale game mode has drawn over 125 million players worldwide in less than a year.

In the game, players can gather materials to create defensive fortifications around an objective or trap-filled tunnels to lure unsuspecting enemies to. 

In Battle Royale mode, players can quickly traverse the map; protect themselves from enemy fire, or just delay an advancing foe by means of building obstacles and structures from gathered materials. Players are encouraged to be very creative in designing their fortifications.  Although Fortnite is a shooter game, it highly promotes creativity and the most creative and clever methods tend to be that of the winner.  Any gamer in the country knows of, or has played Fortnite and Funko has come on board to bring South African players the collectables of their favourite Fortnite avatars.

The following Funko POP characters have been released to SA, just in time for Christmas:

Drift: Journey into the unknown, and find your way to victory.

Ragnarok:  The cold harbinger of fate.

Dark Vangaurd:  Exploring the outer limits.

Valor:  A beacon for hope.

Havoc:  Striking fear into the opposition.

Tricera-Ops:  Sink your teeth into victory.

Sparkle specialist:  It’s time to shine!

Zoey:  Candy-coated chaos.

Burnout:  All roads lead to victory.

Raven:  Brooding master of dark skies

If you want to have your character with you at all times, there are Funko Keychains that can accompany you anywhere, of all the same characters.

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Here is 2019’s tech

From AI to flexible displays, this is the tech that will shape 2019, writes CY KIM, MD of LG SA



2018 was incredibly exciting for the technology sector which has seen myriad advancements. These include the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI) being established, robots helping around the house and consumer electronic innovations such as TVs that are so thin, they might be mistaken for windows, or paintings.

2019 promises to be another significant year as people’s attitudes are changing and technology becomes embedded in our lives. Smart electronics manufacturers will ensure their plans for the future match evolving consumer needs with suitable technology.

We take a look at the biggest innovations for 2019 from AI to lightning-fast internet speeds and flexible viewing surfaces, and we shed some light on how these evolving technologies will impact on how we live and work.

AI will come of age

AI has experienced a marked increase in investments and according to Forbes, 80% of enterprises are investing in AI while 30% are planning to expand their AI investments in the next three years. It’s estimated that during 2017, venture, corporate and seed investors put about $3.6-billion into AI and machine learning companies.

This investment trend has given rise to innovation in deep learning products that have the potential to change the world for the better.

Yes, AI has been around since the 1950s, but its consumer benefits weren’t visible until recently and 2019 will be the year when AI starts to really take off and become a necessity, not just in the home, but in every facet of our lives.

The potential of AI is endless as this technology goes into everything from small watches to cars and even gigantic, connected smart cities. AI is also starting to find its way into TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, speakers, mobile phones and even air cons as products adapt to human behaviour.

Lightning-fast internet speeds

Faster internet speeds enable quicker response times for business tools that we all rely on to get the job done. It will increase the efficiency of workers and will provide reliable communication tools for companies that rely on remote workers.

Given that the so-called gig economy has grown exponentially in recent years, the expectation is that the evolving workforce will contain a higher percentage of employees, or contractors who do not work in a central office.

5G has the potential to change the world the way the internet did a few decades ago. The fifth generation of wireless technology will take internet connectivity to a new level as the internet of things (IoT), will bring about the potential for everything to be connected to everything.

However, 5G is not just about faster internet speeds. It will create new possibilities in numerous sectors, including medicine, transportation and manufacturing.

A smarter world through IoT and AI isn’t possible without 5G’s speed and capacity as the system is able to carry large numbers of connections simultaneously, and is therefore crucial to the development of smart cities, autonomous cars and smart homes.

Life-enriching smart technology

Much like technological innovations, consumer habits and preferences are changing drastically when it comes to home appliances and particularly, home entertainment.

Most consumers believe that advancements in home entertainment tech is life-enriching and that their life is better with the latest tech at their fingertips as it allows them to stay indoors and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

The value of home entertainment tech lies in how it allows loved ones to share experiences, thereby bringing them closer together, particularly during big events such as major sporting events and holiday celebrations.

The potential of flexible viewing surfaces will not only change home entertainment, but also marketing techniques in shopping malls, city centres and shop fronts. With the ability to curve around any environment, this technology creates the perfect platform for signage and consumer engagement that stands out from the crowd.

LG Electronics is an established market leader in innovation and has already started to incorporate these futuristic technologies into its products, which are designed to make consumers lives more convenient. We will continue to release amazing products that utilise smart tech to connect with consumers while staying ahead of the evolutionary curve.

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