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Gilat fills gaps in Africa broadband

Gilat Satcom has announced a range of new fibre and satellite services in Africa which will increase broadband availability, speeds and capacity.

At the recent AfricaCom show in Cape Town Gilat Satcom launched Aguila 3rd Generation, its redesigned and upgraded shared and optimised satellite services on both the C and Ku-band. Re-engineered from the ground up, the new Aguila service provides up to 100% more speed at peak hours when it’s most needed with no extra charges for the customer. The new Aguila will include a number of other unique and exciting features to be unveiled at AfricaCom.

Gilat also howcased its M2M solutions that enable companies to track their assets and to access them in real time. The company’s M2M solutions facilitate the delivery of information to and from anywhere in the world, helping companies to identify problems and manage their assets and operations much more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The company further announced the expansion of its fibre capability to Nigeria. Gilat Satcom’s African HQ is in Lagos and it has branches in Abuja and Port Harcourt. It operates in Nigeria through both resellers and directly with large organisations.

Earlier in the year Gilat Satcom announced new fibre routes in coastal and landlocked Africa.

Gilat Satcom is amongst the first companies in Africa to offer both East to West coast and international connectivity, enabling coast-to-coast redundancy. Its MPLS network connects to the WACS, EASSy and Seacom undersea cables via fibre local loops across Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia and Mozambique and now Nigeria.

Dan Zajicek, Gilat Satcom’s CEO, said: ‚”We continue to invest heavily in both our fibre and satellite operations throughout Africa. Our customers have access to fully-redundant extremely stable broadband networks with excellent QoS and competitive pricing‚”.

Gilat Satcom is also approaching oil and gas companies, mining, financial institutions and other large corporates that need high level security and low latency levels.


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