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Gijima ups security for mobile devices

It is difficult for businesses to control what data resides on employee’s tablets and smartphones. It is also hard for them to enforce any type of security. For this reason, Gijima has partnered with MobileIron, to provide businesses with mobile management and security solutions.

Gijima has partnered with MobileIron, a US company that provides mobile device management and security to large corporates.

MobileIron solutions are designed to assist clients to better manage the ever-increasing integration of smart-phones and tablets into company networks. These are devices running on Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, WindowsPhone 7 and Google’s Android mobile operating systems.

Gijima CEO Jonas Bogoshi explains: ‚These devices and technologies are rapidly gaining adoption in enterprise environments. Gijima has partnered with MobileIron to deliver mobile management and security technology to enterprise customers, as part of Gijima’s Enterprise Mobile Management Framework. MobileIron’s solutions help enterprises gain insight and visibility into data that is running on the various mobile devices of employees, enabling security, compliance, information management and cost control.‚

Gijima’s experience in this space, its understanding of the risks organisations face in the area of mobile technology , and its relationships with leading solution providers, such as MobileIron, position’s Gijima to be the partner of choice.

Corporate Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) are facing a growing challenge as business data moves to smartphone and tablet technology being brought into the workplace environment by employees who use these devices as business tools. The introduction of smartphone and tablet devices in the corporate space poses new risks for businesses, and in particular the managers of IT tasked with managing these devices. The problem does not stop at only managing the devices through configuring user access to the corporate domain and access to email and the internet. The risk is losing sensitive company information that could be stored on the devices and there’s also the challenge of incorporating these devices into the work environment.

With the proliferation of multiple operating systems and devices, companies and managers of IT must have a strategy in place to ensure that control and governance can be applied to devices that have access to company systems and data.

‚Organisations are more susceptible than ever to security threats posed by smartphones and other mobile computing devices,‚ says Bob Tinker, CEO of MobileIron. ‚Gijima has the knowledge and skills to help customers implement MobileIron alongside other complementary enterprise security technologies, to solve the security management challenges that organisations face from mobile devices.‚

“We’re seeing a rapid increase in demand for MobileIron services from businesses throughout the world,‚ Tinker adds. “”Enterprise mobility is exploding and the demand for our technology is growing exponentially. Gijima has a great track record and expertise with business customers and we look forward to working with the Gijima team in South Africa.””

With the MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform (VSP), offering consulting and implementation services from Gijima, customers will now be able to control and view user activity, device content, mobile applications and improve the overall business and user experience by providing secure and controlled access to corporate information and systems.

Gijima recently deployed MobileIron internally to secure, manage and monitor the 3,300 Apple iPads currently being distributed to all Gijima employees.

Gijima has also provided MobileIron solutions to two of the large auditing firms in Southern Africa.

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