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Giants join PES 2016 lineup

Konami Digital Entertainment is introducing some of football’s all-time greatest players into PES 2016 as part of its myClub expansion plans. 

As from December 17, a special agent will be introduced to PES 2016’s engrossing myClub mode to offer some of the world’s most respected players for transfer. For a one-week period, myClub users will be able to add Italian playmakers Roberto Baggio and Filippo Inzaghi to their squad. Similarly, legendary German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn will be available, as will Brazil’s untouchable left-back Roberto Carlos, and Portuguese midfielder Luis Figo. Each player has been faithfully modeled and will debut with their peak playing stats. These classic players add a stunning level of talent to assembled myClub squads, and their experience and ability will benefit any starting XI.

myClub adds depth to PES 2016, and allows players to build a team of world stars. The myClub option has been massively improved since its debut a year ago, with player level systems, and key players exclusive to the mode added on an ongoing basis. Its premise is simple: players use points acquired through success in matches, or with myClub coins, to experience realistic club management to develop a squad. The myClub rosters and stats are updated on a weekly basis and players oversee every aspect of their squad’s development, from choosing their manager, recruiting coaches, developing playing styles and building a long-term strategy strategy based on their specific aims.

The new players will also be available to newcomers to PES 2016, via the free-to-play edition, which goes live today. The free-to-play game, which is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, can be downloaded at no cost, and boasts an Exhibition Mode, full Training section and the popular myClub element. The free-to-play game also allows users to experience PES 2016’s online and offline play as well.

The free-to-play edition will also be compatible with all future gameplay and content updates throughout the entire PES 2016 season. Update files will be automatically implemented, ensuring rosters are up to date and that PES 2016’s many stars are aligned to the form of their real-life counterparts.

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