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Film aims to spark GBV discussions

‘That’s What She Said: A Social Inquiry’ is a film that exposes the reality of gender-based violence in South Africa, streaming on Showmax now.

As South Africa (SA) observes the 16 Days of Activism against Women and Child Abuse, the impactful documentary That’s What She Said: A Social Inquiry lays bare the pervasive issue of gender-based violence (GBV). Directed by Natasha Sutherland, and produced by Tracy Going and Lesedi Job, the film amplifies new voices by delving into Going’s personal journey of resilience after enduring an abusive relationship.

While That’s What She Said has not been released in the traditional manner in cinemas, but companies are invited to book screenings at cinemas or on their own premises. The intention is for the film to be seen in groups and leveraged to spark meaningful discussion around the pressing phenomenon of GBV, so that dialogue can play a role in positive change.  Screenings are available until 14 December 2023, or it can be streamed on Showmax.

SA grapples with alarming GBV statistics, earning the unfortunate distinction of being considered the rape capital of the world, with 10,818 reported cases in the first quarter of 2022. Research reveals that the rate of women being killed by intimate partners in the country is five times higher than the global average. GBV, deeply ingrained in various aspects of South African society, manifests in different forms, perpetuated by intimate partners, colleagues, strangers, and institutions.

The film revolves around the acclaimed theatre adaptation of Tracy Going’s memoir, Brutal Legacy. The documentary weaves together scenes from the theatrical performance and commentary from a diverse panel of unrelated men. Their reactions to the provocative play provide perspectives on this controversial social issue, highlighting that GBV knows no gender boundaries.

“That’s What She Said peels back the curtain on the paradoxes that exist in homes and society, where GBV hides behind facades and where the very essence of care and compassion are tragically distorted into cruelty and suffering,” says Benjamin Cowley, CEO of Gravel Road Distribution Group. “It’s time to stop the scourge and stand up against this awful phenomenon. I hope that the film helps to raise understanding of the gravity of GBV in SA and that corporates comes forward to play a role in elevating conversations around this important issue.”

That’s What She Said: A Social Inquiry is available to stream on Showmax.

*Corporate organisations interested in hosting screenings can visit Gravel Road Africa’s website for more information or contact

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