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Gaming festival to A MAZE



A MAZE. set to take place from 28 August until 2 September is the first international games and media art festival to be held in Johannesburg which plans to create a platform for African and European media artists and game developers.

The goal of the A MAZE. Interact Festival in Johannesburg is to create an evolving platform for African and European media artists and game developers. Basically, the festival creates / opens up a playground for everyone who wants to experience the Human-Human-Machine interaction. A MAZE. Interact provides a six day program with lectures, panels, screenings, arcade, interactive installations, street games, workshops, concerts, performances and parties.

With over 38 international and local artists, speakers and musicians showcasing their craft, the festival aims at bringing games, music, movies and art to the public in a dynamic, interactive and fun-filled 6-day event. It is the first time in South African art history that so many artists and creatives come together to showcase their work through the various mediums.

Since its inception in 2008, A MAZE. Has been successfully celebrating the convergence of game and art across Europe, with the HQ being based in Berlin.

The founder of A MAZE. and festival director Thorsten S. Wiedemann says ‚”Johannesburg has this electrified inspiring energy in the air I experienced 15 years ago when I first came to Berlin. There are somehow touch-points between the two metropolises, which I want to work out together with local and international artists and create an imaginary bridge to connect both spots. I wish that we bring together a wide range of technology enthusiasts, games and art interested people to participate in the festival program, discuss local issues and foster future collaborations.‚”


Included in the program is the Jump’N Run Party. Music is and has always been the prime medium of human-human interaction. The festival therefore features a club night with both African and European programs including DJs, live acts, performances, playful visuals, and interactive installations.

Electronic musicians included in the festival’s musical line-up include:

BY HARUO – Japan






Game-inspired music is just one part of the mergence of party and pioneering art work based on experiments with computer game artifacts and aesthetics expect hardware hack performances, chiptune celebrities, community building, fun, musical adventure games, as well as beautiful synesthetic experiences.


Focusing on the convergence of media art and games, a symposium provides the opportunity to present projects as well as to discuss and reflect upon games in the context of media theory. Lectures on the implications of games strengthen ties to the academic discourse, which can be started in the panels to diverse topics of current issues. Interdisciplinary participants bring together their respective fields and provide a valuable insight in South African and European mindsets.

These lectures provide invaluable insight for all creatives. The topics include:







And many, many more…


The exhibition spaces will show artistic computer games, interactive and playful installations and video documentations of public intervention.

As South African and European culture is brought together, games and media art stands united too. Both fields open discussions, show parallels and therefore gain new insights and knowledge. Artistic arcade games, far off the mainstream, allow for different experiences and new views on (un)known topics in a playful way, whereas technology is used as playground for artistic expression and experimental interaction with oneself, the people around or the world. Interested in critical reflection on social and political issues, both combine playful interaction to stun and amaze us.

Some of the speakers, digital and traditional medium artists include:

ANDREJ BOLESLAVSK√ù Prague – interaction designer and new media artist

ANTHEA BUYS Cape Town – modern art and architectural lecturer

BRADLEY MARQUES JHB – software development, digital arts, animation, game design

CHRISTO DOHERTY JHB – digital media theorist, artist, and photographer

DANNY DAY JHB – game development

DARIO HARDMEIER Switzerland – game designer and programmer

DMYTRI KLEINER Canada social relationships in multi-media

DONNA KUKAMA JHB – performance, video, text, and sound installations

EDUARDO CACHUCHO JHB – performance, print, video, sculpture and publications

EMEKA OGBOH Nigeria – video and sounds and employs field recordings to explore the history and aural

EVAN GREENWOOD JHB game developer

GEORG RUSSEGGER Vienna curator, media-integrated knowledge-cultures

HANLI GEYSER- JHB lecturer, game design

HERMAN PIENAAR JHB game developer

INVISIBLE PLAYGROUND Berlin – a collective of game designers, artists, theater makers, musicians and academics.

JENNA BURCHELL Pretoria – interactive installations

JULIAN OLIVER Berlin – game-developer and lecturer

JUSSI ÄNGELSLEVÄ Finland artist and lecturer

KIM GURNEY JHB – visual artist, academic researcher and journalist

MARKUS HUBER Berlin – program coordinator, lecturer, curator

MITCH SAID Chicago – mobile and tablet design lecturer

PIPPA TSHABALALA – JHB comic book and game inspired artist

PROPHET JHB curator, poet, writer performer

RANGOATO HLASANE JHB – visual artist, illustrator, DJ


TIM GROENEBOOM (AKA WIIJ TIMSKI) Holland DJ, digital performer

Johannesburg’s city centre is set to be transformed. A truly over-whelming array of digital art-forms, A MAZE. Interact is the most unique installation that South Africa has ever witnessed.

Join the facebook page and stay tuned for the list of activities.


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Timberlake to headline iTunes London festival



Apple has announced that Justin Timberlake, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jack Johnson and Jessie J are among the headliners at this year’s iTunes Festival in London.

Running every night in September at the Roundhouse, the iTunes Festival features more than 60 acts performing at the legendary venue.

Performances can be watched live or on-demand by millions of iOS users around the world on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, as well as by music fans with iTunes on their computer or in stunning HD with Apple TV. Tickets are free for competition winners only.

Music fans from across the world, including the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Japan and Mexico can win tickets to the iTunes Festival through competitions run by local media partners. In the UK, fans can win tickets using the iTunes Festival app and the iTunes Store as well as select media partners including Channel 4, Global Radio and Metro.

Sir Paul McCartney, Amy Winehouse and Crowded House played the first iTunes Festival at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts in 2007. Since then over 370 artists have performed in front of more than 370,000 fans and tens of millions more online and on television. Other performers have included Adele, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Alicia Keys, Paul Simon, Jack White and Oasis. Performances are available for purchase and download on the iTunes Store.

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.

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New PS games ready for download



Sony has announced its June line-up for PlayStation Plus subscribers, including Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and two new catalogue releases, Demon’s Souls and ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection.

Immerse yourself in the ancient world of Amalur and its 10,000 years of magical history in the action-packed tale Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, created by acclaimed New York Times bestselling author R.A. Salvatore. Take destiny into your own hands as you combat your way through this vast and vibrant world as envisioned by the visionary creator of Spawn and much-admired artist, Todd McFarlane.

In Demon’s Souls you are summoned by a mysterious maiden as the last hope for humanity to take on a mighty demon horde that has taken over the kingdom of Boletaria, after a terrible curse was mistakenly unleashed by King Allant the XII whilst in search of greater powers. Prepare for a battle that has so far defeated all other realm champions as you set out on this epic journey to save the Kingdom from a fate worse than death.

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection brings two exciting worlds to PS Plus ready for fans to explore. Adopt the role of ICO, a young boy who finds himself imprisoned by the people of his village inside the walls of a menacing castle before joining forces with a young girl named Yorda as she attempts to escape in ICO. Take on the role of a young man named Wander in Shadow of the Colossus as you journey through an enchanted land, battling 16 enormous beasts known as the Colossi in order to restore the life of a girl named Mono, whose soul is trapped in this haunting world.

For gamer’s on-the-go, grab your PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) and transport yourself to lush forests in the cartoon-quality action title Rayman Origins. Alternatively, weave through airborne mazes as you avoid falling coconuts in Coconut Dodge HD, both available on PS Plus from 5th June.

PS Plus provides subscribers with access to top-rated games on PS3 and PS Vita, extending the service to two platforms for a single price for a one-year subscription. Additionally, 90 day subscriptions are also available giving user’s access to the same fantastic titles and great PlayStation Store discounts.

PS Plus subscribers receive an array of exclusive features, including 2GB cloud storage (1G for PS3 & 1G for PS Vita) for game saves. Automatic updates and beta access, as well as a huge collection of exclusive dynamic themes and PlayStation Network avatars, makes PS Plus the place to be in 2013.


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