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Galaxy S3 gets Users Digest

Samsung has released the Galaxy SIII Users Digest App on the Samsung Apps store, which allows customers to gain detailed information and user tips for their Galaxy SIII smartphone through a step-by-step user guide.

Says Craige Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics South Africa: ‚”To provide technology that is not only cutting-edge but also relevant, we are looking to add apps that are locally focused and will add value to the lives of our consumers. The Users Digest App is a user friendly application that provides users with all the information on how to enjoy all the amazing features of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Users will also learn to set-up their devices with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos aimed at enhancing the Samsung user experience.‚”

Each section has multiple chapters with in-depth explanations with easy to follow instructions on each topic or feature. With the step-by-step guide there is no longer the need to page through a hard copy manual, which can be somewhat difficult to navigate. Find everything you need to know about your Galaxy S III, in this comprehensive guide and innovative app with plenty of illustrations, videos and an intuitive navigation system. There are also additional tips offered which recommend the best options for users within certain features – to ensure you take full advantage of your handset.

The Users Digest App includes 3 key functions, including:

Chapter 1 Set Up Guide

This section enables consumers to navigate the set-up options for their phones, to ensure that all their preferred and personal settings are formatted prior to using their phone.

Chapter 2 How to Use

This section provides detailed descriptions of how to enable and use the innovative features that the Galaxy S III boats ensuring consumers get the very best user experience from their device while enabling a premium smartphone experience. Some of these features include: S Voice, Pop-Up Play, S Beam, Buddy Photo Share and many more.

Chapter 3 Tutorial videos

The tutorial video section is an interactive portal from which consumers can watch videos that demonstrate the functionality of the phone. There are 5 videos which cover different feature categories of the phone including the following: A day in the life of the Galaxy S III user, Intelligence, Sharing, Greatness and Enhancement.

In addition to these chapters, users are able to click on the ‚’share icon’ at the bottom of each page within the application which will share the entire application with their friends and family via Facebook. The share icon is a link to the app redirecting the consumer to the Google play store and Samsung App store specifically.

‚”We are always striving to improve our consumers’ technology experience with our products through innovate offerings that enhance our products and services to market. The Galaxy S III Users Digest App is certainly one way we are doing this, where we are taking the ‚’pain’ out of paper product manuals and placing the functionality and features within reach of the consumer, easily, conveniently and in a user-friendly manner,‚” concludes Fleischer.

The app is available for Samsung Galaxy SIII users immediately, free of charge on the Samsung Apps store as well as the Google Play Store.


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