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Galaxy Note pen upgraded

Samsung has announced the upgrade of the S-pen stylus for the Samsung Galaxy Note with added features to increase the user experience.

The S Pen that is currently available with the Galaxy Note is as an input device that enables quick and precise key in into the Galaxy Note which acts more like a real pen than the usual stylus accompanied with smartphones. The upgraded S Pen SDK 1.5 has the same great quality of functioning as well as added features to enhance the user experience on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

‚We have had a phenomenal reaction to this product since its launch locally in November 2011, and as this product is a first of its kind, regular updates and software upgrades are extremely important to keep us at the competitive edge,‚ says Paulo Ferreira, Head of Mobile Product and Software Solutions at Samsung.

The new and improved version of the S Pen includes features such as, improved zooming – the improved zoom affords users increased precision when using apps on the Galaxy Note. Control over the S Pen and scrolling is of top quality that will ensure easy browsing and allow for an even more enjoyable user experience. The updated S Pen also now offers a panning feature that grants the ability to change the coordinate values of the ‚CanvasView’. Another added characteristic of the S Pen SDK 1.5 is the capability to change and to customise the background of letters or notes sent from the device.

‚This is a great new feature for users to express their personal style and flair. Not only does the upgraded S Pen offer users all the exciting features above, but it can now also select the Pen and eraser to ensure more flexibility and control for all types users,‚ concludes Ferreira.


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