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Galaxy expands at Speed of Launch

Any notion that going virtual would slow down the pace of product launches were dispelled by a dazzling array of new Samsung products launched yesterday, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK



Galaxy Watch3

The gorgeous bronze Galaxy Watch3 features a slimmed-down version of the previous devices’ signature, a rotating bezel. It also brings a heavy focus to fitness goals and health management. An expanded Samsung health suite incorporates fitness tracking, running coaching, advanced sleep scoring, an exercise-from-home toolset, VO2 max and SpO2 readings, ECG and blood pressure monitoring where it is allowed, and Trip Detection to alert selected contacts with an SOS if one takes a hard fall outdoors. Messages can be sent from the watch, and transactions completed via Samsung Pay.

Galaxy Buds Live

The new Galaxy earbuds represent a powerful argument against the view that there is no innovation in shape and appearance of new smart devices. The bean shapes of the Galaxy Buds Live appear clunky at first sight, but in fact fit more comfortably and firmly in the ears than this writer has yet experienced with buds out-of-the-box. AKG sound expertise brings in Active Noise Cancellation, a 12mm speaker, bass duct, three microphones and a Voice Pickup Unit. It’s the smallest but possibly the most impressive of the new products launched last night.

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