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Galaxy expands at Speed of Launch

Any notion that going virtual would slow down the pace of product launches were dispelled by a dazzling array of new Samsung products launched yesterday, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK

Samsung’s bi-annual Galaxy Unpacked events are among the most anticipated of the year, every six months alternately launching the latest in the S and Note ranges. Last night, the second Unpacked event of the year went several steps further.

It was not only that Samsung revealed seven new devices, but that it covered 5 distinct categories: smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, earbuds and its latest foldable. This tells us not only that the Organisation has been innovating at breakneck pace during the COVID-19 crisis, but that it is on a quest to push boundaries across all consumer technology categories.

It is no coincidence that the multi-pronged launch comes at a time when Huawei is struggling to convince the market outside China to embrace smartphones and related devices that don’t use Google services. A year ago, Huawei had overtaken Apple in the smartphone market rankings, and was challenging Samsung’s number one position.

Now, Samsung appears to be slamming the door on that particular challenge – while also fending off the Apple beast.  Aside from the foldable, Apple plays in every one of the arenas Samsung has entered – and dominates several. Its 2020 iPhone launch, expected next month, is likely to introduce a lower cost handset that will also challenge Samsung in the mid-range of the smartphone market.

As a result, the launch should be seen as a war on two fronts of consumer attention. How do its weapons stack up?

Read more on the next page about the new Galaxy Note, the new Galaxy Fold, and other new Galaxy devices in the line.

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