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Gadgets of the Year: Consumer Tech of the Year

2020 may not have been a fun year, but numerous gadgets rolled in to make lockdown a little easier. In the 2nd of a 3-part series, ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK and BRYAN TURNER select the best consumer tech of 2020.

TV of the Year: Skyworth SUC9300

Skyworth has been offering affordable innovating televisions with Android TV for a while, and has reached a new level with the SUC9300 series. It comes in 3 variants: a 50” screen for R8,000, 55” for R10,000, and 65” for R13,000. That is remarkable value in its own right. The TVs come with Google Assistant and Android TV, allowing voice control and access to the Google Play Store. One can hook up any Bluetooth-enabled gaming controller, like the PlayStation Dual Shock or Xbox controller, and play Android games directly off the TV. The units also support advanced technologies like digital theatre sound (DTS) audio and HDR+, so the viewing experience is excellent at this price point.

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