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Most innovative new products for CES 2024 named

More than 500 Innovation Awards honorees were arrowed down to 36 winners across 29 categories – with AI featuring on its own for the first time.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has named 36 products as the year’s ‘Best of Innovation’ for the CES Innovation Awards.

 The CES 2024 Innovation Awards honorees included more than 500 products, honouring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology across 29 categories. These were narrowed down to 36 overall winners. More than 3,000 submissions were received: a record high and a 40% increase over CES 2023.

Each year, an independent panel of industry expert judges, including members of the media, designers and engineers, reviews and rates submissions based on innovation, functionality, aesthetic, and design. Those rated the highest across all categories receive the Best of Innovation designation.

For the CES 2024 program, the top two categories by number of submissions were ‘Digital health’ and ‘Sustainability, eco-design & smart energy.’ This trend underscores the rapid pace of innovation in sectors that promise to solve big global challenges and improve human lives – a major theme at the show as CTA partners with the UN Trust Fund for Human Security and World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) to advance human security. 

For the first time, the Best of Innovation list for CES 2024 includes a product from the ‘Human Security’ category, introduced at CES 2023.  The Awards also feature a new category: artificial intelligence (AI). The AI category received 7% of all applications, underscoring that innovators are increasingly recognising the transformative potential of AI in shaping the future of technology. AI will also be pervasive throughout the CES 2024 show floor and conference programming.

The full Best of Innovation list and all 522 Innovation Award honorees will be announced during CES 2024, where many of the products will appear in the Innovation Awards Showcase at CES, located in the Venetian Expo.

The Best of Innovation honorees for 2024 include: 

Company: Midbar Co., Ltd. 
Product Category: Human Security for All  

AirJet Mini – Solid-State Active Cooling Chip for Electronic Devices 
Company: Frore Systems 
Product Category: Embedded Technologies  

AVEIR Dual chamber (DR) Leadless Pacemaker System 
Company: Abbott 
Product Category: Digital Health 

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones 
Company: Bose 
Product Category: Headphones & Personal Audio  

FINTIN V1 : The Most Accessible Qwerty-Communicator 
Company: ONECOM.CO.,LTD. 
Product Category: Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps  

Gun Detection System 
Company: Bosch 
Product Category: Artificial Intelligence  

Company: VAONIS 
Product Category: Digital Imaging/Photography   

Honda Motocompacto 
Company: Honda 
Product Category: Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility  

HP Spectre Fold 
Company: HP Inc. 
Product Category: Computer Hardware & Components  

IINK – 4D Food Printing System for Future Food 
Company: Top Table Inc. 
Product Category: Food & AgTech 

Interactive Transparent Window 
Company: AUO Corporation 
Product Category: In-Vehicle Entertainment  

Company: I-TEN SA 
Product Category: Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy  

JBL Authentics 500 
Company: Harman International Corp 
Product Category: Headphones & Personal Audio Mark 7D 
Company: Co. Ltd. 
Product Category: Accessibility & Aging Tech  

MEMS Hybrid Micromotor for Electronics 
Company: SILMACH 
Product Category: Embedded Technologies  

Company: 10minds co. ltd. 
Product Category: Smart Home  

NAD M66 
Company: NAD Electronics 
Product Category: Audio/Video Components & Accessories  

Company: Afference 
Product Category: XR Technologies & Accessories  

RoWok by SJW Robotics 
Company: SJW Robotics (Appetronix) 
Product Category: Robotics  

Seller Canvas 
Company: STUDIO LAB 
Product Category: Artificial Intelligence  

Sevvy Smart Cooker 
Company: Sevvy B.V. 
Product Category: Home Appliances  

Silk Charge&Go IX 
Company: WS Audiology 
Product Category: Wearable Technologies  

SQPV Glass 
Company: inQs Co., Ltd. 
Product Category: Smart Cities  

Trip.PASS-Mobile passport platform 
Company: Lordsystem 
Product Category: Financial Technologies  

Venu 3 
Company: Garmin 
Product Category: Sports & Fitness  

Company: WILLTEX.CO.,LTD. 
Product Category: Home Appliances  

zkVoting: Blockchain-based voting at the Poll Station 
Company: Zkrypto Inc. 
Product Category: Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy  

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