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Fujitsu unleashes Windows 8

Fujitsu has unveiled its first Windows 8-based hybrid tablet, the Fujitsu Stylistic Q702. Along with a new notebook and desktop range – all running Windows 8.

From tablet through convertible notebook to a revolutionary new desktop PC, the new Fujitsu portfolio is designed to help accelerate dramatic changes in the way people are working with computers incorporating touch, always-on connectivity and a seamless user experience across PCs, notebooks and tablets. Under the motto of Reshaping the Workplace, Fujitsu is taking into account the industry megatrend towards ‚”bring your own device‚”, and the increasing number of people who are working with multiple devices through the day.

To ensure that users can stay in touch with modern business requirements, Fujitsu offers not only a wide choice of connected devices, but also ground-up design for greater usability and the convenience of touch-screen. Clever features make Fujitsu’s new models designed for Windows 8 an attractive choice, and are built in to the design to make the user experience more rewarding, more productive, and more enjoyable. And while Fujitsu is enabling users to benefit from a more intuitive and natural way of working, it is also helping assure CIOs that they can count on enterprise computing essentials including manageability, enhanced security and mobility.

Now available for pre-order and on sale immediately when Microsoft announces general availability on October 26, Fujitsu’s flagship PC, convertible notebook and tablet models featuring Windows 8 are thinner, lighter and faster than outgoing models with Windows 7 preinstalled and make the most of the operating system’s capabilities, especially multi-touch and pen input.

One of the stand-out new features is an ultrasound presence sensor in the new Esprimo X913-T PC. This sensor is clever enough to keep the display fresh the whole time that a user is sitting at their screen even if they are not touching any of the input devices such as keyboard, mouse and touch-screen. Once the user leaves their desk, it automatically locks and switches the PC into a lower power consumption mode, also saving energy and can be configured to shut down the system. On the user’s return, just looking at the 23-inch HD resolution screen is enough to unlock it, thanks to a facial recognition sensor. The versatile ESPRIMO X913-T also features a multi-position touch display that folds to a fully-flat working position, ideal for collaborative working environments.

Business users who want the style and convenience of a touch-screen tablet without sacrificing the essentials of security-enhanced features and usability need look no further than Fujitsu’s line-up for Windows 8. The new Fujitsu Stylistic Q572 is a fully-fledged 10.1-inch tablet PC system which combines enhanced performance with extensive security-enhanced features including an incorporated fingerprint sensor, SmartCard reader and Full Disk Encryption (FDE) and tops it off with day-long working, supported by a swappable battery. Fujitsu also offers its innovative Stylistic Q702 hybrid tablet featuring Windows 8. This can conveniently be used as a tablet while traveling, or converted into a traditional desktop notebook using an optional attachable keyboard.

The Fujitsu range of devices with Windows 8 also extends to one of the lightest and slimmest 13.3-inch convertible notebooks, the Lifebook T902, which includes business features like Intel vPro technology, SmartCard reader and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for improved mobile security. Users can specify an additional port replicator for easy drop-and-go in corporate environments or use the modular bay for a second battery or second hard disk drive.

By choosing a Fujitsu notebook, tablet or PC featuring Windows 8, users can enjoy benefits such as support for Adobe Flash and HTML5 with Internet Explorer 10 as well as full support for multiple user accounts even on tablets: plus access to USB ports and full compatibility with mice, keyboards, and other USB peripherals. All Fujitsu tablets and notebook models featuring Windows 8 offer seamless connectivity through support for Wi-Fi and UMTS/4G mobile data and add the convenience of Bluetooth to connect wireless peripherals.

Easy Operating System migration through choice of easy upgrade or downgrade

For enterprises that are still evaluating company-wide Windows 8 rollout but want to give early adopters the chance to enjoy the productivity boost of touch-screen technology, Fujitsu is able to offer the best of both worlds. All new Fujitsu models ship with a choice of Windows 7 or Windows 8 licenses. Customers with a Windows 7 Professional license are also entitled to downgrade to Windows XP.


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