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Free Wi-Fi in labour courts

Sabinet, which facilitates access to online labour and legal information, is providing free Wi-Fi access in all South Africa’s Labour courts. This convenient service is available to legal practitioners representing labour-related cases. The free Wi-Fi facilitates easy access to a range of legal resources online, such as up-to-date, reported and unreported labour judgments, Bargaining Council Agreements, labour legislation, CCMA awards and Labour Related Acts. 

When this project launched six years ago, over 7,000 logins were reported. Sabinet’s aim was to facilitate access to a reliable, fast internet connection to address the need for on-site online research and resources that aide members of the law fraternity in performing their tasks. 

In this digital age it is imperative that legal practitioners have reliable access to online legislation and resources in order to carry out their tasks efficiently. Many of the lawyers at the labour courts also make use of the service to provide valuable assistance to their pro bono clients. 

Sabinet’s Wi-Fi service is available in most sections of the labour courts including the judges’ chambers, court rooms, library and pro bono office in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. 

Sabinet has been offering this service through South African Wi-Fi communications specialist, Gconnect, a Wi-Fi brand in the telecommunication space, owned by Exmile Technologies.  

FFor more information on Sabinet’s range of legal information services, visit

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