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Flashfake infections declining

Norton has confirmed that the number of Apple Mac machines infected by the recent Flashfake Trojan is beginning to decline with around 270 000 computers still infected.

Apple’s Mac platform has had a reputation for being safe from security threats over the years: however, recent news of the Flashfake Trojan has put Mac users on high-alert. This malicious software (‚malware‚ ) poses as a common plug-in for Internet browsers, and is capable of stealing passwords and personal information.

Reports stated that the scope of the threat was more than 600,000 machines. Norton can confirm that the number is trending downward but, there are approximately 270,000 machines still infected. The vast majority of these infections are in the US. Mac users should protect themselves with a scan & removal tool from a name they trust. And while Apple has released its own update, online security company Norton has also made a free tool available on

‚The Flashback Trojan is a wake-up call for everyone who’s online ‚ no matter what platform or device they use,‚ said Norton Internet Safety Advocate Marian Merritt. ‚No operating system is immune to malware attack and whether you’re using a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, you should have security precautions in place. For example, anyone running a current version of Norton security software was already protected against this Trojan.‚

General consumers can keep safe wherever they connect to the Internet, including:

· Whether you use a Mac or a PC, use a trusted security suite to keep your computer and, more importantly, your personal information safe

· Follow all security updates and install all issued software security patches, especially the most recent update from Apple

· Download software only from trusted companies or vendors


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