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Fitbit offers tips to keep moving

By VINCENT LAMOUREUX, regional director for Middle East and Africa at Fitbit

As South Africa’s efforts to win during the global pandemic now enables us to get outdoors for socially distanced workouts and more physical activity. One thing that the current situation has helped us realise is that irrespective of external factors, there are numerous ways to adapt our fitness regimens to stay mentally and physically fit.

Below are a just a few suggestions to help you keep moving during this time and into the coming months.

Let your kettle become your personal trainer

Walking for just a few minutes every hour has been shown to reduce the negative impacts of sitting. To help you remember to get up, Fitbit allows you to track your Hourly Activity and Stationary Time. So, while the kettle’s boiling for your coffee or tea break, do star jumps, planks or press-ups to elevate your heart rate.

While you’re walking continue talking

If you’re on the phone talking to your colleagues or family, leave the laptop behind and walk up and down the hall or stairs if you have them. This is a great way to get a few extra steps in. You could even challenge your friends to an indoor step challenge.

Create a standing desk

Try and stand up as much as possible, even if it’s for a minute. Try moving your work station to different places in the house so that you don’t get too used working in the same place but you also have a mobile desk setup that you can move at any time.

Schedule time to move

Physical activity can boost your self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy – something a lot of us need now – it’s important to include time in your working day, whether that’s a session before, after or even during your lunchtime. You should aim for 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week and if you have a Fitbit Charge 4, your device can track all that automatically for you with its new Active Zone Minutes function. ³

Try something new

If Covid-19 has taught us anything it’s to constantly try new things. Whether you’re used to jogging, heading to the gym or kicking a ball about with friends, now’s the time to experiment with new forms of exercise and challenge yourself. With Fitbit Premium, you can access our Dynamic Workout Library packed full of thousands of yoga lessons, dance classes, abs workouts, HIIT sessions and more.

Stay mentally and physically healthy with tools from Fitbit

Fitbit is here to help you sleep better, eat well, move more, and manage stress with a range of tools we’ve made readily available for you now, including: 

  • A 90-day free trial of Premium, plus, we’ve made 40+ Premium at-home workouts, meditations, sleep tracks, and more available for everyone to use, free of charge. Unlock it all in the Fitbit app
  • New clock faces, like the Clean Cues clock face, for Fitbit smartwatches that offer a friendly reminder and timer for washing your hands
  • Motivational reminders to take breaths, stretch, and move, with Reminders to Move
  • Advanced sleep tools and guided programs
  • Mindfulness content, through our Relax guided breathing exercises or sessions via Premium
  • Nutrition tips and healthy habits
  • Ways to connect with others to stay motivated as a part of our global Fitbit community

Whatever your fitness need or level, there is always a way to move more and push yourself towards better health. All you need is the willingness to try and you might just step out of lockdown stronger than you did before it began.

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