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Verbatim has recently announced the Gigabit NAS, which it says is perfect for any work or home environment. The unit is said to be able to store up to 1 400 movies, 33 000 songs and up to 1 000 000 photos, all of which can be viewed or played on devices such as an Xbox or Playstation 3.
Verbatim recently announced its new Gigabit NAS (Network Attached Storage) External Hard Drive, which lets you store and share files and folders over a network, providing a perfect central storage device for a small office or home environment.

Users of the Gigabit NAS can clean up their computer hard drives and centrally store up to 1,400 films, 330,000 songs, 1,000,000 photos or data of any kind on the drive and allow this content to be accessed wirelessly by several computers or media players (including Playstation 3’s or Xbox’s).

Key features:
·      Centrally store all your files and access them on several different computers connected to the network.
·      Organise and playback your media content (photos/music/videos) using the Media Server.
·      Watch movies on your TV through your digital media player or share files with your gaming console.
·      Access your centrally stored music files via iTunes from any networked computer.
·      Set up a networked printer.
·      Transfer large files over the internet via the FTP server function.
·      Access rich media over the internet with the BitTorrent software.
·      Set up automatic backup of all your networked computers.

“Our aim is to offer professional and private users a drive that they can operate like a file server. Owners of the drive will benefit from being able to centrally manage their digital data and do smart things like viewing the content on a TV via a media player or connecting one printer to the USB port which can be utilised by many users,” says Manny Cross, Manager – Sub Sahara Africa at Verbatim.

Two USB 2.0 host connections enable printers, additional hard drives or other storage peripherals to be connected to the Gigabit NAS drive, while the fast data transfer rate (via the Gigabit LAN) provides the capability of high definition content to be delivered smoothly to other devices. The integrated TwonkyMedia Server enables the media content on the NAS to be organised by certain criteria, for example music files can be shown by album or artist, which can be seen by UPnP/DLNA compatible media players and played back.  The iTunes server allows music collections to be stored centrally and accessed via iTunes from any computer on the network. A torrent client is also included, as is an FTP server.

The network is quick to set up and easy to use via the Samba protocol for the PC or Bonjour for the Mac. Private folders can also be created, allowing access by authorised users only.  In order to facilitate regular back-ups, the supplied package also includes Nero BackItUp 4 software.

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