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Esri expands location platform

The world leader in geographic information system (GIS) software has introduced Places and Data Hosting to its ArcGIS Platform, offering on-demand access to diverse location data.

Global leader in location intelligence Esri has introduced Places and Data Hosting to its ArcGIS Platform, offering developers on-demand access to diverse location data and secure data storage solutions. This, in turn, allows for seamless integration into applications and business systems.

Esri deploys geographic information system (GIS) software in hundreds of thousands of organisations worldwide, spanning Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profit institutions, and universities. ArcGIS is a platform-as-a-service that allows developers to integrate location capabilities into their applications, business systems, and products. 

The latest additions aim to enhance the efficiency, speed, cost-effectiveness, and security of users working towards geographical goals within their organisations.

The new ArcGIS services include:

  • Places: This service provides access to points of interest data covering a wide range of location- and attribute-based criteria. It encompasses information on features within Earth’s built and natural environments, including retail locations, public facilities, and landscapes. Places offers valuable insights into what attracts individuals to specific locations, supporting tasks such as site selection, market analysis, and distribution planning.
  • Data Hosting: A secure solution for storing, managing, and accessing location-based data. Developers gain ownership of their data, allowing them to create hosted layers and services. This enables users to query, edit, and analyse data within applications, fostering a more seamless user experience.

ArcGIS now incorporates the latest release of the basemap styles service. This collection of ready-to-use map styles serves as the foundation for applications, providing developers with access to over 50 different ArcGIS and OpenStreetMap basemap styles. Updates include a user-friendly URL endpoint and the ability to display localised place labels in over 30 languages globally.

“The new enhanced services that have been added to ArcGIS Platform will enable developers to build their apps more quickly while staying on budget, giving the organisations they support the confidence to expand,” says David Cardella, Esri product manager for developer technologies.

“Places provides developers on-demand access to over 1,000 categories of Places data, while Data Hosting allows developers and businesses to securely store their data as a service, retain their data ownership, and reduce the cost of maintenance.”

ArcGIS offers developers direct access to Esri’s location services, allowing them to utilise APIs and web frameworks of their choice. Whether supporting a few dozen or millions of users, developers can scale seamlessly using the same framework and services.

*Learn more about ArcGIS Platform at Esri’s official website here.

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