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Escrow service comes to rescue of online classifieds

3PayMe’s latest Escrow payment service now offers buyers and sellers peace of mind when making online classified purchases.

Meeting strangers to exchange wads of cash for things advertised on the Internet is not the safest thing to do nowadays.

But the advantage of cash over existing alternatives like card or EFT payments is that cash lets the buyer and seller swap payment and goods at the same time.

Now, 3PayMe’s payment Escrow service offers this kind of convenience and control, but removes all the risk by allowing the buyer to use a card or EFT to lodge a payment and control exactly when this payment is passed across to the seller. Once the payment is passed across to the seller, they get their money directly into their bank account.

Ian Harrison, the co-founder and CEO of 3PayMe says that it is the company’s goal to become “the PayPal of payments” in the classified adverts space.

“We believe our payment option can become the preferred payment mechanism for everyone selling and buying things on Facebook and other traditional classified adverts websites,” he says.

The service has no sign up fees, no monthly fees, requires no app download, is easy to use for both sellers and buyers and, because it uses PayU as its card and EFT payment gateway, is certified, safe and secure for all parties.

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