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MWEB Business goes on the assault

MWEB Business continues its assault on unaffordable high-end technology with the launch of a multi-layered Internet security solution for businesses of any shape and size.

All leading security reports agree malicious activity on the Internet in the form of financial fraud, malware infections, DoS attacks (Denial of Service), password attacks, and web site defacement is on the increase.

To address these growing threats business connectivity and solutions provider MWEB Business has introduced a high-end, flexible and affordable Internet security solution that can be customised to meet the specific needs of businesses of all sizes.

Based on the award-winning Astaro Security Gateway, the new MWEB Business Security solution has been designed to provide businesses with a scalable option catering from 1 to up to 4000 users with comprehensive protection from all known Internet threats from as little as R468 per month on a rental basis.

According to Bernard Kur, Head of Product Management and Development at MWEB Business, MWEB Business opted for the Astaro Security Gateway to power its latest security offering because of the breadth of security it provides in a single device.

‚It’s the ‚Swiss army knife’ of Internet security and we’ve brought it within reach of most businesses through the introduction of a unique pricing model. Effectively, the business only pays for what it needs which MWEB Business provides as a managed service,‚ he says.

The multi-layered security solution is capable of doing everything: from providing always up-to-date protection against viruses, malware, spyware and spamming to managing employee Internet usage by, for example, blocking gambling sites or restricting time spent on social networking sites, as well as eliminating nuisance traffic and optimising connectivity bandwidth.

They can then subscribe on a monthly basis (for a minimum of 12 months) to one or more security modules: Mail Security, Web Security and Network Security. Customers can choose to add additional security modules at any time. ‚Importantly, the standard 12-month warranty on the UTM (Unified Threat Management) device is automatically extended for as long as a valid subscription on one security module is in place,‚ Kur adds.

‚For an additional amount, the device can be bundled with a failover and clustering option. This allows for the device to be connected in such a way that the business never has to worry about it failing and the network being unprotected at any time.‚

In addition to proactive monitoring and support being available via the management interface, daily executive reports that provide quick and up-to-date overviews of the gateway’s status can be sent automatically to the business’s network administrator.

Security Features Overview: These security features are dependent on modules selected by the customer. · Dual antivirus engines · Advanced spam detection · Quarantine reports · Recipient verification · Intrusion protection · DoS (Denial of Service), DDoS, Portscan, Worm and Botnet protection · Firewall · Prevents spyware infection and hidden communication · Time-, user- and group-based access policies · Blocking, alerting and bandwidth shaping for instant messaging and peer-to-peer applications

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