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5-in-1 energy storage launches in SA

An AI-optimised system enhances energy independence with improved efficiency and resilience, writes JASON BANNIER.

Red Energy, a leading commercial solar energy specialist, has launched an AI-optimised energy storage system in South Africa (SA). SigenStor boasts “5-in-1 capabilities”, and is claimed to be the first of its kind in Africa.

The SigenStor system is designed to integrate into residential and commercial solar installations. It offers solutions to concerns revolving around battery safety, installation efficiency, system integration, and system intelligence. The product presents an integrated, scalable, and technologically advanced solution that aims to improve efficiency, flexibility, and resilience.

It utilises weather data for precise power generation forecasting, intuitive AI-learning for load adaptation, real-time electricity tariff data for higher savings, and region-specific loadshedding schedules for intelligent battery usage adjustments. The result is an adaptable, comprehensive energy solution.

The system boasts a modern and sleek design, occupying 50% less space and featuring an IP66 rating for outdoor installation. The stackable (stack-and-play) design minimises wiring and installation time, offering an upgradable solution. The system eliminates loose connections and the need for wire maintenance with its wireless design. It features five layers of battery system protection, and internal fire suppression.

SigenStor’s AI-powered software aims to reduce financial stresses. It constantly learns user needs to operate at optimal efficiency by automatically isolating problematic sections instead of shutting down the entire system. This maximises the lifespan of components and limits further system damage. A comprehensive system diagnosis is completed in 30 seconds via the mySigen mobile app.

Jakes Joubert, CEO of Red Energy, says: “We’ve been in the solar industry for more than 15 years, and for the first time since 2019 when the OHM was launched, I am excited about a technology – the efficiency and savings it will bring to homes and businesses are unrivalled.

“The introduction of SigenStor to South Africa marks a significant leap forward for the solar industry in our country.

“The advanced technology allows direct tapping into DC power from the battery and solar panel, enabling virtual grid capacity expansion and 100% green power charging.

“This system was truly designed for the consumer. It’s an unparalleled solution with no comparable product on the market.”

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