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Disney bombs Star Wars 1313



The Disney Corporation has started calling the shots on the gaming side of the Star Wars franchise, and it looks like the dark side, writes GAVIN MANNION.

Star Wars 1313 was one of the highlights of Gamescom last year with the incredible graphics and gameplay simply an appetizer based around the actual story and world that we were expecting to dive into. However Disney has decided that’s a terrible idea and has cancelled the title outright.

Many Star Wars fans were wary that Disney would ruin the legacy of Star Wars after purchasing all of the Lucas companies last year. We instantly heard that there will definitely be more Star Wars films coming but the axing of the first M-rated Star Wars title points to Disney imposing their family friendly image across the group.

In fact the entire Lucas Arts development studio has now been closed down and all staff have been let go. The name will stay and the plan is to now outsource development to other studios instead of handling it internally.

If George Lucas was dead he would be rolling in his grave.. but I guess for now he can simply roll around in the billions he was paid for his companies.

I have always said I seriously doubt we’d ever see this game on the Xbox 360 or PS3‚Ķ but I would never have guessed that we actually would never see it at all.

According to insider sources the chance of someone else picking up the rights to complete Star Wars 1313 are pretty much zero.

* Article courtesy of Follow Gavin Mannion on Twitter on @lazygamers