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Discovery’s Head Rush to educate young viewers

Gone are boring demonstrations and textbook theories, and in their place are riveting experiments, fascinating videos and slow motion replays that highlight all the thrills of science in action. This is Head Rush, Discovery Channel’s gripping new series for curious kids who want to know more about the world around them.

Running from 21 March to 29 April 2011 on Discovery Channel (DStv, Channel 121), Head Rush is a series of short inserts run during the channel’s hit show, Mythbusters, instead of adverts. Presented by Mythbusters co-host Kari Byron, Head Rush turns traditional educational science programming on its head by offering young viewers a totally engaging experience that makes science more accessible and learning fun.

‚There’s a massive push across the globe around getting children interested in maths, science, technology and engineering. Kids are our future scientists and engineers, so we need to get them excited about these issues now, while they’re still young and eager to explore different things. That’s what Head Rush aims to do ‚ nurture a love and interest in science through totally immersive and engaging programming that reaches out to children on their level,‚ explains Paul Welling, Vice President of Channels for Discovery Networks.

Host Kari Byron is a science junkie but in the strict no-lab-coat kind of way, and is thrilled to be helping young minds absorb science in digestible detail. ‚I’ve always loved science. By the age of five I was experimenting on my little sister and using dolls as crash test dummies. Luckily for my parents, they always caught me before my sister took a ride down a laundry chute or starred in an ‚around-the-world’ attempt on the swings! Hopefully kids will learn and get excited with me,‚ she says.

There’s no doubt about that, with Kari and the team looking at some really awesome concepts during the show like how hot a skater’s blades get, where space junk comes from, the wavelength of chocolate, how to vacuum a marshmallow, why skateboards mess with gravity, how to make superglue just using water and how to make jelly optics.

Head Rush is a fast-paced, imaginative series of science programmes that will inspire and excite young viewers about the wonders of science and the role it plays in everyday life.

Head Rush will be broadcast on Discovery Channel (DStv, Channel) 121 every weekday during Mythbusters at 15:55 from 21 March to 29 April 2011.

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I’m glad to see It is now coming to Discovery. Will it include new Head Rush episodes, as well as the 30 or so I’ve heard?

To Kari. I think your are doing a great job. Thank You. I have a 14 year old granddaughter who is just in your target age, and a nearly 16 year old grandson who is about to completely disappear into car-car-car. But perhaps he’ll watch Head Rush when his sister does. Keep up the excellent work you do.”,”body-href”:””}]

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