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46 megapixel camera from Sigma

The Sigma Corporation has announced the availability of the SIGMA SD1 digital SLR camera, which uses a 46 megapixel direct image sensor.

According to the company, the SIGMA SD1 is it flagship digital SLR model and features a lightweight yet solid magnesium alloy for its body and O-ring sealing connections. This makes the camera splash and dust proof ‚ perfect for use in harsh conditions.

The SIGMA SD1 incorporates a 24√ó16mm APS-C X3 direct image sensor and dual ‚TRUE (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) II‚ image processing engines. The combination of the 46 megapixel and dual TRUE II processing engines ensure high resolution images which are processed quickly with high definition. This combination also allows for a smooth and subtle graduation of colour.

SIGMA SD1 product summary

46 megapixel 24√ó16mm APS-C X3 full-colour image sensor

This sensor allows the Sigma SD1 to capture all primary RGB colours at each and every pixel location, ensuring the capture of full and complete colour.

Dual TRUE II image processing engine

These image processing engines improve the processing speed and overall quality of the final image. The unique image-processing algorithm provides high resolution power and reproduces high definition images with richly graduated tones.

CF card

The SD1 uses the TYPE I CF Card. The camera is compatible with the UDMA enabling fast processing of large amounts of data.

* It is not possible to use Microdrives and TYPE II CF cards.

11 point twin cross sensor

The autofocus system features an 11 point twin cross sensor. The shifted twin cross type sensor improves AF accuracy.

3.0‚ TFT colour LCD

The SD1 camera features a 3.0 inch TFT colour display. This 460,000 pixel resolution LCD monitor benefits from a wide viewing angle, making it easy to check focusing and composition.

Optional lenses

The SD1 can be used with over 40 Sigma lenses such as ultra-wide, ultra-telephoto, macro and fisheyes.

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