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Discovery World comes to SA

Discovery Networks has recently launched a new channel ‚ Discovery World. This channel is available to DSTV premium subscribers looking for documentaries with hard hitting facts. Discovery World is viewable on channel 250.

The beginning of this month saw the launch of Discovery World across 61 African countries, including South Africa. The idea of the announcement of this channel is not to replace the current Discovery channel but instead to compliment it. ‚When the Discovery channel came to South Africa some 13 years back, it was very informative. However, through the years, the channel has become more of an entertainment than a knowledge channel,‚ says Paul Welling, vice president and head of channels for emerging markets at Discovery Networks. ‚Don’t get me wrong, there are still loads of interesting facts to be picked up from our standard Discovery channel but the shows that are being aired are more light-hearted and fun than hard hitting and factual.‚

He goes on to say that Discovery World is purely a factual channel, it specialises in deep-seated investigations of the ancient world, natural history, people and places, modern history and key events, exploration, the history of technology, and war and weaponry. Should you decide to tune into Discovery World, you can expect programs such as: Out of Egypt and Prehistoric Disaster: Raging Planet: Discovery Atlas Revealed and Final Days of an Icon: Zero Hour and When Weather Changed History: Treasure Quest: We Built This City: and Weaponology and Weapon Masters.

Discovery’s portfolio of brands now includes: Discovery Channel ‚ which is geared at viewers looking for some general entertainment: Discovery World – a great channel for viewers more keen on actual facts: Discovery HD Showcase, for those technology savvy viewers and Animal Planet, which Discovery says is aimed at female audiences, however I feel it is aimed at anyone who is an animal and nature lover.

The Discovery World channel is available to DSTV premium subscribers on channel 250. The standard Discovery channel has moved to channel 121.

Paul Welling, vice president and head of channels for emerging markets at

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