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Digital transformation can save billions



Presenting the 2018 SONA Cyril Ramaphosa made a commitment to establish a Digital Industrial Revolution Commission to ensure that all sectors of the country are able to seize the opportunities and manage the challenges presented by rapid advances in information and communication technology.

Consulting services’ role is driving collaboration to foster the growth of our economy through the advancement of digital skills. Businesses will both adapt to and accelerate the digital industrial revolution.

Accenture’s Digital Industry X.0 research reveals that a combination of advanced technologies can enable digital transformation and enterprise-wide growth. And this could save large companies up to $16 billion. The research further indicates that digital technologies are disrupting and changing businesses in all industries. The intention is to create a variety of opportunities for companies to reinvent their industries and think of strategic ways to gain a competitive edge. This requires responsive and responsible leaders able to navigate a rapidly shifting landscape, gauge their organisations’ existing capabilities and understand their challenges. In that way, the highest levels within every organisation can create a workforce focused on meaningfully leveraging digital.

Wayne Hull, Managing Director for Accenture Africa says, “Digital is a catalyst for socio-economic growth. Therefore, South Africa needs to embrace it at both the public and private enterprise level. It is pertinent to initiate engagements such as forums for government and the private sector to discuss the regulation needed. It is government’s responsibility to create the positive regulatory environment required to stimulate and accelerate digital, and manage the impact of artificial intelligence and robotics, as new roles emerge that drive new types of careers. Therefore, government and the private sector need to contribute equally to digital education in order to develop a new set of skills. As a country, we lag in comparison to our global peers. A lot of work lies ahead of us.”

If you would like to interview Wayne Hull, Managing Director for Accenture Africa, please feel free to contact me and I can gladly arrange accordingly. He would be keen to further elaborate on the below talking points:

  • How does SA’s digital industry differ from other countries?
  • Advice to the private sector regarding the importance of advanced technologies and their impact.
  • Advice to organisations weary of adopting advanced technologies and the impact thereof.
  • What are some of the major digital trends that SA should be aware of when ‘reinventing the wheel’?
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