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Death app for UK

A new mobile application has been launched in the United Kingdom, allowing people to find the location of recent deaths in their area.

A new mobile app launched in the United Kingdom allows people to find the location of recent deaths in their area. Both accident blackspots and recent murders can be found using their smartphone.

The ‚Death App’ offers a gruesome and macabre view of the local area, yet also provides helpful and potentially life-saving features. The app shows information on the deaths near to the user’s location and offers a comprehensive map of deaths, searchable by specific location and type.

The deaths can be filtered to find the deaths that are ‚Near You‚ or to show the type of death, either car accident or murder.

“We’ve created something that appeals to the public’s sense of morbid curiosity,‚ said Tod Pedler, CEO of MobileNationHQ. ‚However, the Death App also draws attention to accident blackspots ‚ to help pedestrians and cyclists navigate the streets more safely.‚

The app is free and is available to iPhone and Android users. To download it consumers need a QR code reading app installed on their iPhone or Android device.

MobileNationHQ recommends either the Red Laser app for iPhone users, or the Google Goggles app for Android users. Both QR code reading apps can be downloaded for free from their respective app stores. Once the reader is downloaded the user can take a photo of the *QR code to transfer the app to their iPhone or Android device from here:

MobileNationHQ’s latest app was created in its full form in just eight hours, without the need to engage a development team or wait the typical several week process for app store approval in order to distribute it. It follows on from MobileNationHQ’s recent launch of its Wimbledon app which also showcases how, with the right tools, anyone whether novice or expert can easily design, create and distribute a custom mobile app with no prior experience in a matter of hours.

MobileNationHQ’s drag-and-drop environment can be used within a web browser to build and publish feature rich mobile applications by following a simple step-by-step process. Once developed, these apps can then be quickly distributed to run on iPhone and Android devices, without the need to be published through an app store such as iTunes or the Google Marketplace. The development tool is therefore ideal for companies and end users alike who are looking for an application to cater for their own specific needs.

‚A time will come where every business, whether large or small, will need an app as part of its brand or organisation’s persona. Apps are also likely to be used as bespoke tools aimed at enhancing the productivity of individuals within user groups and this trend means that the traditional app store will not be needed in the same way as it is now,‚ said Pedler.

* “

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