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Data and design will help build new ‘experience agencies’



By WAYNE HULL, Managing Director for Accenture Digital & Accenture Interactive, Africa.

Walking the floor of Fjord Johannesburg studio – part of Accenture Interactive, Africa –  at our new space in Waterfall, Midrand, you’ll find a lot of ex-agency faces sitting side-by-side with our consulting and technology colleagues. This multi-disciplinary environment, blending the best creative talent with exceptional consulting and technology skills, is key to the unmatched success Accenture Interactive has experienced over the last five years.

Re-imaging experiences for our clients is at our core, and being able to deliver this across products, channels and technologies with meaningful insights is where we unlock the value for our clients.

Breaking barriers is what this formidable powerhouse is good at, whether it’s for our clients in telco’s, mining, private health or insurance, pioneering new ways to work, or setting new industry benchmarks. And it’s this perspective that has provided the platform to build an entirely different type of agency focused on digital transformation through reimagining customer experiences. Africa’s experience agency.

Accenture Interactive works closely with all of Accenture’s business practices – Strategy, Consulting, Technology and Operations – to bring complete services to our clients.

Recently Accenture accelerated its focus on digital transformation projects for organisations and everyday people who use their services. Partnering and co-creating with our clients to accelerate their digital transformational journey is at the core to our business in transitioning our clients into the digital economy.

Our work as an experience agency, delivering remarkable customer experiences through design and data, has won Accenture Interactive some major digital transformation clients in the last year. We play in the space where digital is going, not where the market is now. An example is how Accenture Interactive, Accenture Consulting and Accenture Technology are partnering with SA Rugby to transform the fan experience through new digital platforms, content, insights and personalisation. Other exciting clients engagements that will change the SA industry include digital advertising transformation, digital product and channel transformation, digital on-boarding transformation, and applied intelligence in mining, health and customer marketing.

Working across industries to build experience centric solutions and programmes that bring new products and services to market in close collaboration with clients is central to our approach. Our diverse capabilities fuse Fjord’s design with research, marketing, advertising, content, commerce, product management, channel and loyalty specialists. When combined with applied intelligence and the creative use of technology, Accenture Interactive is able to bring the best industry expertise to connect and co-create with our client’s business teams on the ground.

Growing our South Africa business, Accenture Interactive has defined itself by building experience propositions to deliver business outcomes. Success is measured, not only by awards and accolades, but by how they influence organisational change and impact customer behaviour.

  • Hull has delivered a keynote at the IAB Summit 2019.