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CrowdGadget: AI baby monitor, translate SA languages, learn piano

From AI-powered baby monitors to smart piano teaching devices, BRYAN TURNER wraps up the coolest gadgets to back on several crowdfunding platforms.



Wearbuds – A wearable with concealed wireless earphones

Having a smartwatch and wireless earphones is now possible in one form factor. Wearbuds can deliver wireless stereo from a smartwatch that frees its users from inconvenient charging, easy-to-lose earphones, and large charging cases.

The earphones come with Bluetooth 5, a Qualcomm audio chipset, and graphene-augmented drivers, which ensure the kind of sound one would expect from much larger wired headphones. 

With Wearbuds, the charging case is on the user’s wrist. This means users can charge the earphones while jogging, cycling, or hiking, and not worry about a charging case falling out of their pockets. When one wants to listen to music, there’s no need to dig around in a pocket or backpack; the buds are on one’s wrist.

The earphones come with passive noise cancellation by using skin-friendly silicone, which can increase comfort of the in-ear seal. The same silicone is used on the wristband. The side of the earphones can be tapped to adjust the volume, change tracks, play or pause, or to use Google Assistant or Siri.

The earphones are impressive, but so is the wearable itself: it has a heart rate sensor and a pedometer for workout tracking. It also calculates calories burned, along with a sleep tracking functionality.

This syncs to its proprietary app, which is available on Android and iOS.

To order and back the wearable-earphone combo on Kickstarter, click here.

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