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CrowdGadget: AI baby monitor, translate SA languages, learn piano

From AI-powered baby monitors to smart piano teaching devices, BRYAN TURNER wraps up the coolest gadgets to back on several crowdfunding platforms.

CrowdGadget is a wrap of the latest crowd-funded gadgets and tech concepts that have caught our attention. We have rounded up five technologies that have the potential to disrupt their respective industries, by presenting ideas which are either affordable or innovative, or both.

Cubo AI – A baby monitor powered by AI

For new parents, baby monitors are becoming a necessity, especially as the price of these monitors drop. Start-up Cubo AI aims to change how these traditional monitors work by telling parents what their babies are doing through the use of AI. It says it is a smart baby monitor with a proactive warning system that features five smart features:

1. Covered face and rollover alert

Cubo AI says it has partnered with a paediatrician to develop a face detection and absence technology to alert to covered face events in real time. Through the mobile app, it alerts the parent if their baby’s face is covered by items or if they’ve rolled over and haven’t rolled back.

2. Danger zone alert

Even with safety fences, babies tend to find inventive ways to get where they aren’t supposed to be. The danger zone alert protects the baby beyond the crib and warns the parent if it is entering a restricted zone.

3. Cry detection alert

This is where its face detective algorithms are put to work. The AI monitor can detect a pre-cry, a few seconds before the baby starts to cry, and lets parents know that their baby is about to cry.

4. HD night vision

Cubo AI has implemented a Sony HD night vision lens into the device. The startup claims that this lens technology is better than most other traditional night vision baby monitors.

5. Automatic photo capture

Doubling up as a cute moment camera, the Cubo AI can take a picture of the baby at its cutest moment, based on its machine-learned library of what cute baby pictures look like.

Additional features include a temperature and humidity sensor, and two-way audio features.

To order and back the smart baby monitor on Indiegogo, click here.

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